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October 22, 2018

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IN THIS ISSUE 10/22/18 Story map Covered in this issue: Buenos Aires; Guatemala City; Jerusalem; Juba, South Sudan; Kabul, Afghanistan; London; Moscow; Riyadh, Saudi Arabia; Tarragona, Spain; Toronto; and the US 21 BRIEFING: NAFTA 2.0: WHAT TRUMP HAS BROKERED The realm of global trade is unsettled. But with agreed-upon revisions to NAFTA, it's a little less chaotic than it was before. This could foreshadow additional dealmaking, although big questions linger about the US-China relationship. BY MARK TRUMBULL AND LAURENT BELSIE 24 COVER STORY Leaving bench marks Can judges hold strong views and still be fair from the bench? The question swirls in an era of partisanship. BY HENRY GASS COVER PHOTO: ANN HERMES/STAFF HEART OF THE NEWS: DEMOCRACY OR ANARCHY? THE AGE OF IN-YOUR-FACE ACTIVISM Welcome to the new normal: a potent mix of public outrage, political polar- ization, and broadband-speed publicity combining to create a reactionary and deeply partisan protest culture that is bleeding into every corner of American life. BY JESSICA MENDOZA 8 2 THE CHRISTIAN SCIENCE MONITOR WEEKLY | OCTOBER 22, 2018

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