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February 18, 2019

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HOME FORUM 42 THE CHRISTIAN SCIENCE MONITOR WEEKLY | FEBRUARY 18, 2019 Across 7. President of Venezuela who faces pressure from inside and outside his country to step down 8. He challenged the prophets of Baal in 1 Kings 9. Bigfoot's Himalayan cousin 10. 2r in a circle 11. "On the Road" author 13. Ladybug snack 15. Genius club 17. US President Arthur's first name 20. In spelling, sounding it out 21. Norwegian capital city that banned parking spots to improve pedestrian safety and air quality 23. Where the polar vortex that brought record low tem - peratures to the US Midwest originated 24. Some cathedrals, e.g. Down 1. A dam belonging to this Brazilian mining company collapsed Jan. 25, its second dam collapse in three years 2. Opposition leader who seeks to take the place of the per - son in 7 across 3. Era during which the In - termediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty was signed, a treaty that the US officially suspended Feb. 1 4. Roman Catholic leaders recently named hundreds of accused abusers in this US state 5. Get smart 6. A glitch in this Apple video-chat feature briefly allowed users to be spied upon 12. May start with "E F P T O Z" 14. A woman in this city rented hotel rooms for more than 70 homeless people when temperatures dropped as low as -23 degrees F. 16. Congressional house that voted to delay President Trump's troop withdraw - al plans in Syria and Afghanistan 18. The new name of the organi - zation that now will include girls as Cubs and Eagles 19. Share 22. Den Words in the news Bolded clues indicate words linked to current events. When was the INF Treaty signed? By Anna Tarnow Sudoku Difficulty: CROSSWORD AND SUDOKU SOLUTIONS SOLUTIONS How to do sudoku Fill in the grid so the numbers 1 through 9 appear numbers 1 through 9 appear just once in each column, just once in each column, row, and three-by-three row, and three-by-three block. block. Comments? Contact us at or

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