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December 23, 2019

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DECEMBER 23, 2019 43 1 FEATHERED FINERY: A member of the Zulu Social Aid & Pleasure Club Tramps leads a pa- rade in the Louis Arm- strong New Orleans International Airport in Kenner, Louisiana, on Nov. 5, 2019. GERALD HERBERT/AP 2 EMBRACE: A couple share a tender moment in the Moscow subway on June 16, 2018. BECCA BLACKWELL/AP 3 SHADOWS CAST: A man descends an escala- tor at the Gaylord Hotel in Oxon Hill, Maryland, on Feb. 28, 2019. KEVIN LAMARQUE/REUTERS 4 OVERHEAD: A wom- an rides an escalator in a natural history museum in Pyongyang, North Korea, on Sept. 12, 2018. DANISH SIDDIQUI/REUTERS 5 VISION IN WHITE: Japanese women dressed for their coming-of-age celebration descend into a Tokyo subway station on Jan. 8, 2018. KIM KYUNG-HOON/REUTERS 3 4 5

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