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March 16, 2020

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THE CHRISTIAN SCIENCE MONITOR WEEKLY | MARCH 16, 2020 43 3 BUSTLING: Customers and vendors fill the halls of the Mercado Municipal. The urban market is housed in a building that was designed by architect Ramos de Azevedo and completed in 1933. It's now one of São Paulo's most-visited tourist destinations. 4 DAGWOOD: A customer goes in for a bite of one of São Paulo's famous mortadella sandwiches. Mortadella sausage is similar to American bologna, but has more fat and is spiced with black pepper. 5 BOXED UP: Numbered crates con- taining food are stacked in a back hallway – supplies for the 300-odd stands in the market. 6 OPTIONS: A Boi Feliz butcher shop employee reaches for a package sticker. The stand offers special beef cuts and exotic meats. 4 5 3 6

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