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RIFLE SILENCERS SPECS CYCLONE™ ® HUNTER™ CYCLONE™ CALIBER(S): 7.62 NATO 7.62 NATO WEIGHT: 22.4 ounces 21.4 ounces The CYCLONE™ is a direct thread silencer for 7.62 x 51 (.308) precision rifes. The fully welded baffe core of the CYCLONE™ was designed with an emphasis on accuracy. The Inconel® 718 blast baffe and subsequent 316L stainless steel baffes all feature a symmetrical rear face to shear as much gas as possible from the projectile path without creating any asymmetric turbulence that can have a negative impact on accuracy. THREAD LENGTH: 9.5" (Added 8.75") 7.30" (Added 6.55") DIAMETER: 1.5" 1.5" MATERIALS: Iconel® 718, 316L Iconel® 718, 316L FINISH: Cerakote™ Cerakote™ ATTACHMENT: 5/8-24, M18x1 Thread on 5/8-24, M18x1 Thread on REDUCTION: 30dB, 33dB* 27dB, 29dB* SOUND PRESSURE LEVEL: 134dB, 137dB* 137dB, 139dB* MSRP: $750 $650 HUNTER™ The HUNTER™ is a direct-thread silencer designed specifcally for rifes and carbines chambering the 7.62 x 35mm (300 AAC BLACKOUT™) cartridge. Based on the baffe core design from a silencer for a compact 300BLK sub-machine gun, the HUNTER™ delivers an improbable sound signature of 124 dB with 220 grain Remington 300BLK subsonic ammunition fred through an AAC® MPW with a 9" barrel. Although the intended hosts for the HUNTER™ are chambered for 300BLK, the HUNTER™ is constructed using the same fully welded construction as all other AAC® rife silencers and can therefore be used on 7.62 x 51 (.308) rifes with 16" or longer barrels. THREAD *19" Remington 700, 20" Remington 700, M118 PAGE 22 ADVANCED ARMAMENT CORP. PRODUCT CATALOG 2013 WWW.ADVANCED-ARMAMENT.COM

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