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® 300 AAC BLACKOUT UPPERS™ These feature rich 300 AAC BLACKOUT™ upper receiver assemblies drop right onto an existing AR lower receiver. Please note that users must possess an approved tax stamp for a short barreled rife prior to installing a 9" or 12.5" upper receiver assembly on their lower receiver. The bolt carrier features a proprietary design with a modifed cam path and a nickel-boron fnish to enhance reliability and ease of cleaning. The carrier key is heat treated for durability and is properly staked. The bolt is machined from Carpenter 158® steel and is shot peened for durability. The extractor spring, buffer, and o-ring are a proprietary design specifed by AAC engineers. MPW barrels use 1/7 twist 5R rifing. The entire barrel, including bore and chamber, are fnished in tough, corrosion resistant SCARmor™ to provide high hardness and longevity greater than chrome-lining without impeding accuracy. The barrel and DI gas system are protected by a free-foating forearm with 1913 accessory attachment points. SPECS MSRP: $1,080 CALIBER: BARREL: 300 AAC BLACKOUT (7.62 x 35mm) ™ 1:7 5R twist, 0.740 Dia at muzzle, 5/8-24 Threads, 4150 CMV Steel, M4 Feed-Ramps, SCARmor™ coated bore, chamber, and exterior MUZZLE DEVICE: AAC 51 Tooth BLACKOUT Flash Suppressor ® BOLT CARRIER GROUP: Nickel Boron (Ni-B) UCT EXO coated carrier and cam pin. Phosphated and shot-penned carpenter 158® bolt. Custom Extractor Spring and wide temperature range green O-ring 300 AAC BLACKOUT™ AMMUNITION The 300 AAC BLACKOUT™ cartridge is a .30 caliber solution for the AR-15 platform that simply requires changing the barrel. All other components from a mil-spec AR-15 are compatible with the 300 BLK™ cartridge, right down to the magazines which function perfectly with no reduction in capacity. The 300 BLK™ cartridge has as much energy from a 16" barrel as 223/5.56mm does from a 24" barrel. Even from a 10" barrel, 300 BLK™ matches the energy of 223/5.56mm from a 16" barrel, but with a much heavier payload for improved terminal ballistics and enhanced performance through intermediate barriers. This highly effcient cartridge uses less propellant than 5.56mm ammunition, resulting in a rife that is soft shooting with full power ammunition in short barreled CQB confgurations. Less powder makes the 300 BLK™ cartridge uniquely suited for use with a silencer. A 9" barreled AAC MPW with an AAC 762-SDN-6 silencer has an overall sound signature of 129 dB with 220-grain subsonic ammunition. This compares very favorably to the MP5-SD in terms of sound signature, but drastically outperforms the MP5-SD in terms of energy translation (a 220-grain subsonic Sierra OTM vs. a 123 grain subsonic 9mm ball round). If you judge the max effective range of 300 BLK™ based on the U.S. Army M4 hit probability of 500 yards, it's clear to see 300 BLK™ is ideal for law enforcement and military use, home defense, and hunting. The Barnes "Black Tip" 110-grain T-TSX round has a fat enough trajectory that no sight adjustments are necessary from 0 to 230 yards. The fact this round expands to more than half an inch at 300 yards when fred from a 9" barrel clearly puts the advantages of 300 BLK™ in perspective. PAGE 28 ADVANCED ARMAMENT CORP. PRODUCT CATALOG 2013 WWW.ADVANCED-ARMAMENT.COM

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