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APPENDIX ® SOUND MEASUREMENT Unless otherwise specifed, all the silencer performance data in this catalog was collected with a Brüel & Kjær digital pulse system using the widely employed industry standard microphone placement of 1 meter to the left of the muzzle at a height of 1. 6 meters. What this means is that when we tell you how well our silencers work, we've got the numbers to back it up. We're not padding the test data in our favor, we go by the military's rigid and exact testing methods and procedures. Patents issued: US7587969(B2),US7588122(B2),US7600606(B2),US7610710(B2),US7610992(B2),US7661349(B1),US7743693(B1),US7743693(X601),US7789009(B1),US7874238(B2),US7874238(B2), US7905170(B1), US7905171(B1), US7926404(B2),  US7987944(B1), US8096222(B2), US8272306(B1), USD577409(S), USD577410(S), USD582502(S), USD582503(S), USD584786(S),  USD584787(S),  USD585518(S), USD591382(S), USD598066(S), USD610221(S)  Patents Pending: US20110056111(A1),  US20110088540(A1),  US20120145478(A1), (1) For more information on sound testing procedures, refer to Al Paulson's scholarly work, "Silencer History and Performance" Volumes 1(2) & 2(3). WHY WE CHOOSE TO PUBLISH PERFORMANCE DATA We publish sound reduction numbers as a service to our customer base, especially the frst-time buyer. When you run across a manufacturer that offers a "general" estimation of performance or posts no performance data at all, you have to ask yourself what they're hiding. AAC® silencers are in service with the U.S. military after undergoing rigorous evaluation at such esteemed testing facilities as the Naval Surface Warfare Center (Crane Division), Aberdeen Proving Ground, and Picatinny Arsenal. Anyone seeking verifcation need look no further than open discussion forums such as, as well as the articles published in Guns & Weapons for Law Enforcement and Special Weapons for Military and Police by world-renowned silencer authority Al Paulson. Copies of many of these articles are available for download in PDF format at 1. United States of America. Department of Defense. MIL-STD-1474D. 12 Feb. 1997. 9 Jan. 2008. . 2. Paulson, Al C. "Silencer History and Performance: Sporting and Tactical Silencers." Vol. 1. Boulder: Paladin Press, 1996. 3. Paulson, Al C. "Silencer History and Performance: CBQ, Assault Rife, and Sniper Technology." Vol. 2. Boulder: Paladin Press, 2002. M4-2000 PAGE 34 ADVANCED ARMAMENT CORP. PRODUCT CATALOG 2013 WWW.ADVANCED-ARMAMENT.COM

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