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DESIGN & CONSTRUCTION WHY JOHN BACKS AAC ® R&D also calculate the optimum wall thickness of the outer tube to provide the greatest strength and durability with the least amount of accuracy-robbing heat mirage. DESIGN & MATERIALS There is more to a successful silencer design than lathe turning a handful of parts that ft together, disrupt gas fow, and look good on the end of your favorite roscoe. Of equal importance is the material in which the silencer is rendered. Application awareness and painstaking research are necessary to determine if stainless steel, Inconel®, aluminum, Titanium, or a combination thereof is warranted to provide a product that will meet the performance and durability expectations of the customer. The R&D department at AAC® is responsible for asking the tough questions and coming up with the answers. Our R&D staff is an interesting group of thinkers from diverse backgrounds and disciplines under whose unique focus no design challenge stands a chance. Hours are spent analyzing the performance of prototypes and the infuence they have on the host frearm. Sound performance is captured, examined, and archived for future analysis using a Brüell and Kjaer digital pulse system designed in conjunction WWW.ADVANCED-ARMAMENT.COM with AAC®. The effects of back pressure are studied with high speed digital video recordings using a high speed video camera. And since you never really know a design until you destroy it, we perform a comprehensive postmortem examination on the wreckage using a scanning electron microscope. Knowing what it takes to break your invention is one of the frst steps toward building the perfect beast. The interior of a 5.56mm rife silencer is a hostile environment of blow-torch temperatures from superheated muzzle gasses and fying supersonic particles of unburned gun powder. The baffe cores in all AAC® 5.56mm and 7.62mm fast-attach silencers are made from Inconel® 718. This special grade of high nickel alloy is used in jet engines, Formula 1 cylinder heads, and by NASA in rocket motors. Inconel® 718 is expensive and diffcult to form and machine, but a lesser grade of material would fall short of our customer's expectations for durability. The attention to correct material selection doesn't stop with the baffes. Using long equations that look more like hieroglyphics than math, the inventors in ADVANCED ARMAMENT CORP. PRODUCT CATALOG 2013 TECHNOLOGY HIGHLIGHTS Circumferential Robotic Fusion Welding AAC® pioneered the use of robotic welders to improve production throughput and insure the consistency and strength of our welding processes. The custom designed CNC welders used at AAC® apply a circumferential fusion weld at the junction of each baffe and adjacent structural component. The end result is a welded array of components with the same structural integrity as a monolithic core machined from a solid billet. Electro Discharge Machine (EDM) Taper Bore The heat from even the most consistently controlled welding process can induce stresses and distortion in a welded assembly. To ensure the projectile path through the silencer is concentric with the bore of the host frearm, all AAC® rife silencers are installed on fxtures that mimic the mounting architecture of the rife muzzle threads or fast-attach mount. While held in precise alignment, the fnal tapered projectile path is cut using a wire EDM process that leaves no burrs or debris in the silencer. PAGE 7

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