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in pictures 2 1 PHOTOS by JOHn KOleSidiS / ReuteRs Greece's stoic presidential guard Feted as the keepers of ancient tradition, soldiers of the Greek Presidential Guard, known as evzones, maintain a round-the-clock watch at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier outside the Parliament building in Athens and the nearby Presidential Palace. Although their role is purely ceremonial, the guards are powerful symbols of discipline and courage in a country struggling to pull itself out of a crisis, standing stock-still even when police and protesters clash nearby. Selected from Greek Army recruits (candidates must be at least six feet tall), evzones (EV-zones) wear traditional dress uniforms, which include a pair of heavy red-leather clogs and a white kilt with 400 pleats, one for each year the country was under the Ottoman occupation, which ended in 1821. Every Sunday the soldiers parade during an elaborate changing-of-the-guard ceremony, a weekly show of pomp and symbolism that has taken place since the unit was founded in 1868. – Anna Kordunsky / Staf writer 3 4 1 On WAtch Soldiers of the Greek Presidential from a bolt of white cotton cloth 98 feet long. in Athens for a flag-raising ceremony – another duty. The unit, formed in 1868, is purely ceremonial. 5 Suiting up An evzone tightens his belt as he 2 ShOWy chAnge Spectators gather to watch the 4 greeting Guards meet their relatives at the gate changing of the guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. The guards are known as evzones. 24 3 ceremOny The evzones stand at the Parthenon Guard march at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in front of Greece's Parliament building in Athens. of their barracks in central Athens. Their traditional uniforms include a white kilt with 400 pleats made The ChrisTian sCienCe MoniTor Weekly | January 13, 2014 prepares for the day. The guards are known for their stoicism, guarding the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier even as violent clashes occur between protesters and police.

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