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168 | 2014 INTERNATIONAL CES DAILY | JANUARY 8/10, 2014 NEW & NOTEWORTHY NEW PRODUCTS DEBUTING AT THE 2014 INTERNATIONAL CES Ocean Way Unveils High-Res Speakers VENETIAN TOWER SUITE 30-231 Ocean Way Audio is introducing its Montecito reference loudspeaker system, designed by Allen Sides, the Grammy Award-winning engineer/producer and founder of Ocean Way Recording. The high-bandwidth, wide-dispersion Montecito is the next step forward for the company's acclaimed AS1 loudspeaker and offers increased dynamic range, greater effciency and additional sonic improvements to deliver extraordinary fdelity and musical accuracy, the company said. The 3-way Montecito employs a 1-inch aluminum dome tweeter with an aluminum voice coil that is encased in ferrofuid, which yields increased power handling capability and dampens resonances in the dome for smooth, natural yet detailed high-frequency response. The tweeter is coupled to a solid hardwood waveguide that provides exceptionally wide dispersion and a smooth tonal balance over a wider listening area, along with higher effciency, Ocean Way said. The Ocean Way Audio Montecito is offered in a choice of real-wood fnishes that complement its understated, functional design. The Montecito is available now at a suggested retail price of $48,000 per pair. Aucuba Rolls Out Travel Heating Cup For In-Vehicle Use VENETIAN HALL D BOOTH 72148 Aucuba is introducing the HWCT24 Heating & Warming Cup for car use, a stainless steel cup plugs into a DC 24volt vehicle power source to heat or keep liquids hot on the go. Users can boil liquids, or even two to three eggs, in the Heating & Warming Cup and then turn it off or have it keep a pre-set warming temperature anywhere from 5 to 90 degrees C, a suitable range for drinking; the cup can also simply be set to a desired warming temperature. The boiling and thermal insulation functions can be used separately, depending on a user's need, and the cup has a doubledeck construction to avoid scalding. Additional features include a hole in the bowl lid for steam to escape, a stainless-steel tea holder, highquality food-grade stainless-steel sensor to control temperature and power off automatically after boiling, and digital screen and LED on the control panel of the cable for easy monitoring and operation. Shipping and pricing information is available at the Aucuba booth. LensPen Elite Debuts For Camera Lenses BOOTH 31961 The LensPen Group is introducing the LensPen Elite, featuring the company's new Invisible Carbon cleaning compound. LensPen used something very dirty — a black carbon compound — to make something very clean: a camera lens. Since the frst LensPen was introduced more than 20 years ago, the company has partnered with leading camera and optics manufacturers to produce private-label LensPen products. But that black carbon compound that cleans p glass so well can leave a black mark on a fnger or plastic case. The Invisible Carbon compound in the new LensPen Elite line features all the attributes of the original carbon compound, but with no black smudges on fngers that touch the cleaning pad, it said. Pricing and availability will be announced at the show. CESWEB.ORG

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