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Frozen in time Dearborn, Mich. – Tour in a Model T. Have high tea beside an English cottage. Ride a train pulled by an engine puff- ing clouds of steam. At Greenfeld Village, visitors can walk through buildings and exhibits spanning 300 years of history. Industrialist Henry Ford created the 80-acre time machine in 1929 to preserve America's heritage and provide visitors with the opportunity to experience the past frsthand. More than 80 buildings were moved to the property from their original locations and ar- ranged in a village setting. The Wright Brothers' home and workshop, one of poet Robert Frost's homes, an African-American family's 19th-century cabin wallpa- pered with newspapers for warmth – they are all here. Costumed guides explain and demonstrate period cook- ing, glass-blowing, sewing, and more. Don't forget to visit Fire stone Farm to see the livestock and learn how farming was done in the 1880s. in pictures PhoToS anD STorY bY Melanie STeTSon freeMan / staff 1 Tin man Children watch Tom Kaiser demonstrate working with tin, using a flame to soften it. This re-created tin shop is from about 1880-90. 2 Team efforT A horse-drawn wagon emerges from the Ackley Covered Bridge. More than 100 men helped build the bridge in 1832 in West Finley, Pa. 3 iconic car In 1908, industrialist Henry Ford developed and manufactured the Model T. At $825 (about $21,000 today), it was the first affordable automobile. By the 1920s, a majority of Americans had learned how to drive in a Model T, which was simple to operate and easy to repair, and could hold four passengers. 4 iron Horse A little boy stands on the cattle guard of a 19th-century steam engine in a roundhouse at Railroad Junction. Skilled and unskilled workers with many different specialties worked in roundhouses to keep locomotives in good working order. Nearly all of the workers were men, and they learned their skills on the job. 1 2 3 4 24 The ChrisTian sCienCe MoniTor Weekly | June 16, 2014

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