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KEY: Regions Specifc countries BANGLADESH In the year since the fatal Rana Plaza building collapse, 166 frms have signed the Accord on Fire and Building Safety, covering factories employing some 2 million garment workers. More than 300 factories have been inspected; the rest are slated to be checked by October. SOURCE: Accord on Fire and Building Safety in Bangladesh THE BALKANS The notoriously fractious region was the only one in 2013 to report civil society progress, partly owing to European Union admission rules. Croatia is now an EU member. Kosovo and Serbia have dropped ofcial hostilities and are meeting in Brussels. Albania saw a peaceful, democratic transfer of power. SOURCE: Freedom House RWANDA Since 2000, child mortality has fallen by more than two-thirds, and new HIV infection rates have fallen by 60 percent. Deaths from malaria have fallen by about 85 percent since 2006, and life expectancy has doubled since 2005. SOURCE: World Health Organization INDIA In national elections, voter turnout hit a record high, at 66 percent. The previous high – 64 percent – was in 1984. The number of women voting is aligning with the number of men, and there are more candidates and parties as well. SOURCE: Election Commission of India THE HIGH SEAS Danish shipping giant Maersk Line noted that changing its global network of shipping routes last year helped lower fuel costs and cut carbon dioxide emissions. Its 550 vessels used 1.2 million tons less fuel last year than in 2012, a move that reduced sulphur emissions by 12 percent and saved the frm $764 million. SOURCE: Maersk Line Ltd. A WEEKLY GLOBAL ROUNDUP

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