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Story map Covered in this issue: Bangkok, Thailand; Caracas, Venezuela; Chtaura, Lebanon; Halle, Germany; Kabul, Afghanistan; Mombasa, Kenya; Rio de Janeiro; South China Sea; and the US 26 Cover Story D.I.Y. REVOLUTION With new White House support and hun- dreds of hubs across the country, the "maker movement" – techies and crafters meeting to create – is taking of as the latest innovative step in US manufacturing. By Noelle SwaN 21 PiraCy: A threAt tAmed, for now The shipping industry is fnding momentary relief as more forceful patrols at sea and swifter justice on land succeed in quelling Somali piracy of the coast of East Africa. How long will it last? By mike PflaNz 13 BrieFiNG: eL nIÑo And the YeAr AheAd El Niños occur every four to seven years and can last as long as two years. The upwelling of warm water has begun to appear in the Pacifc, but forecasters say it won't result in large hurricanes this summer. By PeTe SPoTTS IN ThIs IssUE 7/7 & 7/14/14 Cover PhoTo: Melanie StetSon FreeMan/StaFF THE CHRISTIAN SCIENCE MONITOR WEEKLY | JuLY 7 & 14, 2014 3

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