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overheard 'One has to say "yes" to life, "yes" to love, "yes" to others, "yes" to education, "yes" to greater job opportunities.' – Pope Francis, speaking out against the legalization of recreational drugs at a Rome drug-enforcement conference. He continued: 'If we say "yes" to all these things, there will be no room for illicit drugs, for alcohol abuse, for other forms of addiction.' 'This is personal for me. And I think it's personal for a lot of people.' – President Obama, who hosted the Working Families summit in Washington with frst lady Michelle Obama. Women still earn an average of 77 cents for every dollar that men earn, with women of color earning even less. He added, 'I've got a strong, successful wife, who I remember being reduced to tears sometimes because she couldn't fgure out how to juggle everything that she was doing. And I've got two daughters that I care about more than anything in the world.' 'We are facing a new reality and a new Iraq.' – Masoud Barzani, president of Iraq's autonomous Kurdish region, on the backdrop of his talks with US Secretary of State John Kerry. Mr. Kerry also met with Shiite and Sunni politicians, including Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki, in Baghdad. 'There is something a bit strange, there is something a bit unusual about a Republican primary that's decided by liberal Democrats....' – Mississippi State Sen. Chris McDaniel, refecting on his recent loss to Sen. Thad Cochran in the state primary. Senator Cochran received support from traditionally left groups, including African-American voters and Democrats who feared his tea party opponent. 'A country is responsible for its own debts and the stability of its own banks. In order to save the euro they have pushed this overboard. That disturbs me.' – Hans-Olaf Henkel, a former German businessman and current European Parliament representative who is advocating for the abolition of the euro and a return to the deutsche mark on the grounds that German workers should not be used to prop up other failing European economies AP AP AP REUTERS 'The horrors of Syria's armed confict are only made worse by throwing children into the front lines.' – Priyanka Motaparthy, author of a Human Rights Watch report that found that Islamic Syrian militant groups had been enlisting child soldiers as young as 15 to fght in Syria's armed confict 8 THE CHRISTIAN SCIENCE MONITOR WEEKLY | JuLY 7 & 14, 2014

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