2015 - Day 1

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Ambient Light Rejecting Screen Material for Residential & Commercial applications Enhance 10 times the dark level contrast with either full or partial lighting control CES 2015 LVCC South Hall Booth# 21248 Supports 2D, 3D (Active or Passive), with 1080P & 4K UHD Resolution CineGrey 5D counters the washout effect of ambient light while delivering ten times the contrast of a standard white projection screen Introducing the CineGrey 5D ™ The next generation 2D/3D/4K Ambient Light Rejecting front projection screen Elite Screens Inc | Elite Screens Pty Ltd. - Australia | Elite Screens China Corp. | Elite Screens Europe GMBH | Elite Screens France S.A.S | Elite Screens India Ptv Ltd | Elite Screens Japan Corp. | Elite Screens Taiwan Ltd. CineGrey 5D - This material is intended to aid in rooms with significant scattered light from walls and ceilings. This as an excellent alternative. W. Jeff Meier / AV Consultant All images above are undoctored

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