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The Flagship Publication of the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) ® It Is Innovation Wearables Conference Sessions No, you won't be able to wear the conference sessions themselves, but the 2015 CES will feature a number of conference tracks related to wearable technology. Whether focused on f tness or another area of the industry, wearables and the sensors that enable wearable technologies or the health applications made possible by wearable tech will be featured in conference sessions across the show. Tune in to the following conference sessions to hear about the latest in the wearable sector: • Sensors and MEMS Technology, presented by MEMS Industry Group: T is conference track, taking place on Tuesday, January 6, will focus on the tiny, embedded sensors and microelectro- mechanical systems (MEMS) that make wear- able tech possible. Sessions include (but are not limited to): "Challenging Developers to 'Make it Wearable," "Transforming Wearables through Bluetooth Low Energy" and "Ahead of the Curve in Wearables." • Digital Health Summit, presented by Living in Digital Times: T e Digital Health Summit fo- cuses on the latest enhancements that impact the healthcare system. It wouldn't be complete with- out including some wearable-focused program- ming. T e Summit takes place on Wednesday, January 7 and T ursday January 8, and sessions include two sessions on DIY health and a session devoted entirely to wearables, "Sensibles: T e Smarter Side of Wearables." • Fitness Tech, presented by Living in Digital Times: T e Fitness Tech conference track takes place on Tuesday, January 6 – a day before the Digital Health Summit – so there is no need to decide between Digital Health and Fitness Tech. Topics covered by the conference track include wearable tech integrated into clothing and how wearables benef t consumer f tness enthusiasts. For a full listing of conference tracks and sessions, visit CESweb.org. Measuring Sleep: CEA and the National Sleep Foundation Team Up to Improve it 11:30 AM-12:30 PM T ursday, January 8 LVCC, North Hall, Room N253 T is panel will focus on sleep monitoring and the work CEA is doing to improve measure- ment technologies. Consumers are very interested in tracking their personal health and f tness, leading to rapid growth in the market for wearable technologies. CEA has part- nered with the National Sleep Foundation to def ne common performance requirements and core sleep metrics for wearable sleep monitors. T ese standards will def ne common terminology for sleep monitoring among dif erent manufac- turers. T is panel will provide a progress report on this work, and discuss other CEA standards activities related to health and f tness wearables. Speakers include Jim Mault, VP and chief medical of cer, Qualcomm; David Cloud, CEO, National Sleep Foundation and Jason Donahue, product manager – Data & Sleep Insights, Jawbone. Research Summit at CES "Wearables" was the 2014 technology buzzword and they are proving their staying power with solid revenue and shipment growth projected for 2015. What can this category of er as it matures and what will consumers demand from future device developments? Find out at CEA's Research Summit at CES. T e Potential of Wearable Technology: 2:15-3:15 PM January 7 LVCC, North Hall, Room N253 Visit CESweb.org for more information on the Research Summit. Embedded: T e Next Stage of Wearables? Will the next stage of wearable technology make its way under our skin? Pick up a copy of the January/ February issue of It Is Innovation (i3) magazine while at the show to f nd out. Murray Slovick ex- amines the growing trend of implantable sensors, and its implications for our daily lives in his article "Implantable Microchips are the Ultimate Wear- able." Made possible by NFC and RFID sensors, implantable tech could produce a revolution in the security of our identity and assist with everyday tasks such as unlocking our phones. Further Reading: No stranger to the wearables market, i3 and CEA's various other publications have covered wearable technology extensively. Below are some relevant articles for further reading: • "Innovator: MC10's David Icke" It Is Innovation, March/April 2014 • "Sports and Fitness Trends" It Is Innovation, July/ August 2014 • "Hoop Dreams: T e Future of Basketball is Here" It Is Innovation, July/August 2014 • "Digital Health and the Quantif ed Self " Five Technology Trends to Watch 2015 Visit CE.org/i3 for the latest on wearable tech and other emerging technologies. Wearable Tech

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