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118 | 2015 INTERNATIONAL CES DAILY | JANUARY 6-9, 2015 NEW & NOTEWORTHY NEW PRODUCTS DEBUTING AT 2015 INTERNATIONAL CES CESWEB.ORG #CES2015 Bower Launches Everlast Health App BOOTH 36235 An Everlast health app, promising to deliver accurate, real-time health data to your smartphone, is making its debut at International CES. Created by S. Bower Inc., the Everlast Health line launch includes four SKUs that will precede a new line of wearable tech- nology. Prospective users will be able to track f uctuations in weight, body-fat percentages, blood pressure and more. The Everlast Health app, available free on Google Play and the iTunes App Store, works wirelessly by syncing your scale or blood-pressure monitor to your device via Bluetooth 4.0 technology. You can store personal vitals and a personal alarm clock for up to four individ- uals. The Everlast Health Scale (EVL-BTS) illuminates the weight data via a 3.6-inch backlit LCD panel. The app then calculates BMI (body mass index) that can easily be tracked daily. The more advanced body-fat analysis and hydration version (EVL-BFS) can even calculate water, bone, muscle and fat ratios. Both accommodate a capacity of up to 330 pounds. The Everlast arm blood-pressure monitor (EVL-BPR) and wrist blood-pressure monitor (EVL- BPW2) both provide multiple easy-to-follow selections that provide users with an irregu- lar heartbeat indicator, six-color blood-pressure indicator and more. All devices operate on 1.5-volt AA batteries. Pricing and availability will be announced at the show. Urbanears Add Plattan ADV Bluetooth BOOTH 21418 Urbanears is unveiling its Plattan ADV Bluetooth headohones. Just like the regular Plattan ADV. this set of headphones provides an economically im- proved custom f t through the 3D-hinge functionality. The ear cushions smoothly adjusts to the user's ears and head and are engineered to be worn for hours on end. Since the Plattan ADV Wireless belongs to the Urbanears family it also comes with other handy features such as the ZoundPlug for instant music sharing and the collapsible structure. The ear cups have a built-in swipe interface where you can answer calls, adjust vol- ume and switch tracks with a simple touch. A small led light indicator on the ear cup provides information about power status and Bluetooth connection. The headphones can be paired wirelessly with any Bluetooth device within a 10-meter range. Move around freely, pick up calls and listen to music on the go without tangled cords. Plattan Bluetooth features a Dig ital Sig nal P rocessor (DSP) with a built in Equaliz- er (EQ) that signif cantly im- proves the sound quality. Af- ter 10-hours play time you can simply charge it with the included micro-USB cable. Price and availability will be announced at the show. Moguls Mobile Launches Reward-Based Lost & Found BOOTH 36811 Moguls Mobile is at International CES with its Loca- tor Return Tags, adhesive tags designed to f t virtually any porta- ble device. Mogul's team of live recovery assistants are available by phone 24/7 to arrange for the return of a lost item from the per- son who f nds it. In addition, the f nder will receive a reward from Moguls for returning the lost item, at no additional charge. More than 80 percent of items protected by a Return Tag have been re- turned within 24 hours, the company said. Tagged items are pro- tected for the life of the item for a one-time fee. Model EVL-BPR

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