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142 | 2015 INTERNATIONAL CES DAILY | JANUARY 6-9, 2015 Genisyss Locks In DNA Vault BOOTH 75011 Genisyss is launching its revolutionary and patented DNA Vault here at International CES. The thumb-drive-sized device, which has both digital memory and DNA storage wells, offers an easy and affordable way for anyone to store their DNA together with digital information and keep it in their possession. A tiny drop of blood on the patented material contained in the DNA wells safely stores a person's entire genome at room temperature for a lifetime or longer. Any bacteria or virus is immediately killed eliminating any biohazard concerns. The digital memory contains encrypted, password-protected software to step a person through the important information to store. Additionally, there is plen- ty of room to store memories — including videos, photos, documents, audios, family tree details and genealogy — to create a personal time capsule with both practical and sentimental value for loved ones and future generations. According to recent research, a primary reason for storing DNA is because it changes in response to daily exposure to pollution, chemicals, the sun, smoke, or even stress, said Genisyss. By storing DNA now and at regular intervals throughout a person's life, a valuable DNA history is created to help physicians diagnose and treat disease later in life. Even for those who live a long healthy life, DNA can be valuable to children and future generations, the company added. The optimal time to start storing DNA is as a newborn and then continuing to store samples as a child grows into adulthood, it said. Genisyss was founded by Richard A. Brownell of Lompoc, Calif., who has more than 40 years wit the Air Force and aerospace companies McDonnell Douglas, Boeing, and United Launch Alliance. Co-founders are William R. Anderson and Mitchell B. Frey. NEW & NOTEWORTHY NEW PRODUCTS DEBUTING AT 2015 INTERNATIONAL CES

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