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156 | 2015 INTERNATIONAL CES DAILY | JANUARY 6-9, 2015 NEW & NOTEWORTHY NEW PRODUCTS DEBUTING AT 2015 INTERNATIONAL CES CESWEB.ORG #CES2015 Gibson Showing 1st Les Paul Speakers GIBSON TENT CP1 Gibson Brands is bringing the f rst Les Paul-brand speakers to International CES. Paul was the inventor of the solid-body electric guitar and multitrack re- cording. The three active two-way speakers, available in multiple Les Paul guitar- like f nishes, ship in February at MAPs of $599 each for the LP4, $799 each for the LP6, and $999 each for the LP8. They're intended for audio profes- sionals and music enthusiasts. Distribution will be through CE and pro-au- dio stored worldwide. The speakers feature diamond-like carbon coated titanium tweeters, non- woven carbon woofers, and custom amplif cation to deliver clean transient impulse response and large headroom, the company said. Color variations include Cherry, Tobacco Sunburst and Cherry Sunburst. Trident Case's Charging Cart Powers Up 30 iPads At Once BOOTH 5512 Trident Case is debuting its Charging Cart that can recharge up to 30 tablets simultaneously. Aimed at businesses, hospitals and schools, the cart is compatible with the Apple iPad 2, 3, 4, Mini, Mini 2 and Air. It comes in white, beige and black and holds up to 30 tablets at once through multiple built-in charge ports and pullout trays. The cart, equipped with an acrylic frosted window to view the devices, fully charges all tab- lets in up four to six hours. A red LED light indicates that the devices are charging, and a green LED light indicates that the devices are fully charged. Built-in handles and lockable wheels make it easy to move the cart to and from different locations, the com- pany said. A front stand securely holds the door to prevent from swinging when open. When closed, the door includes a lock to prevent theft. In addition, an ultraviolet light inside the cart sanitizes both the devices and the cases while charging. "This function is particularly important in environments where germs are prevalent, such as schools or hospitals," the company noted. All charging ports are compatible with Trident Case products, so there is no need to remove the cases be- fore charging. The cart measure at 22 by 15 by 36 inches and has a suggested retail of $1,699. Auralic Bridge Adds DSD 256 Wi-Fi VENETIAN TOWER SUITE 29-323 Auralic is adding Wi-Fi streaming of DSD 256 (quad-DSD) music f les from a PC or NAS drive to its $999 Aries streaming bridge, which already streams 2.8MHz DSD (64), 5.6MHz double-rate DSD (128), and Digital eXtreme Def nition (DXD) over 802.11 ac Wi-Fi networks. The company claims it's the f rst to offer DSD 256 streaming over Wi-Fi. The addition of DSD256 streaming follows Auralic's recent addition of the CD-quality Tidal streaming service to the Aries. USB playback was also re- cently added. Via the Lightning app, users browse their music library, select songs, and choose hardware settings. The app, which also features built-in cloud-based music services such as Spotify, is available for Apple iOS and Android mobile devices, Win- dows PCs, Mac OS X and Linux OS. Aries uses a USB Host output to output 2.8MHz DSD (64), 5.6MHz double-rate DSD (128), and DXD in a bit-perfect way to a USB-equipped DAC. To a DAC, the Aries' USB out- put also sends PCM in sampling rates from 44.1kHz to 384kHz at 16-, 24- and 32-bit resolutions. Also via USB, the bridge outputs such audio formats as AAC, AIFF, ALAC, APE, DIFF, DSF, FLAC, MP3, OGG, WAV, WV and WMA.

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