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168 | 2015 INTERNATIONAL CES DAILY | JANUARY 6-9, 2015 NEW & NOTEWORTHY Tylt Gives CES A Charge With New Energi BOOTH 30906 Tylt is featuring t wo new E nerg i pro duc t s at t he 2015 I nter n at ion a l CES. It s line of CT I A- cer- tified Energ i por table bat- ter y packs come in a range of batter y capacities (from 2,000 to 10,400 m Ah) and s i z e s (f r o m 7/ 16 - i n c h t o 1-inch thickness). The six batter y packs in the ser ies are now available and priced from $39.99 to $99.99. The l ig ht weig ht E nerg i 2K Sm a r t Tr avel C h a rger, a USB w a l l c h a rger, dou- bles as a 2,200 m Ah porta- ble batter y pack for mobile charging. With the ability to nearly double the battery ca- pacity of an iPhone, the En- ergi 2K is billed as the ide- al upgrade from a standard wall charger. Available in black, blue, red or neon green, the unit is priced at $39.99. NEW PRODUCTS DEBUTING AT 2015 INTERNATIONAL CES Sen.se Leading The Way To A Connected Life With Open API BOOTH 74510 This coming February, in leading the trend away from connected objects and towards a connected life, Sen.se will open its API, allowing brands to integrate cookies into their products. For brands, the versatility of cookies combined with the API will allow companies to turn products into smart devices without a lengthy design and development process. For consumers, an open API will enable them to trigger an action, such as adjust the thermostat or turn off a light, on a device they already have. This move follows the 2014 International CES introduction of Mother, an Internet of Things 2.0 device for the home that uses versatile motion cookies that offer multiple uses of the user's choosing. More details will be announced at the show. CESWEB.ORG #CES2015 DXRacer Is In The Driver's Seat And More BOOTH 25411 While many video gamers may sit back on the couch to play, DXRacer has created a niche with its line of gamer-friendly chairs. The company started out in China producing racing seats and other accessories for the automobile industry, but soon its CEO acknowledged gaming as a rapidly growing industry. Fast forward a few years and the company has expanded into new regions that include Europe and the United States, with DXRacer USA being enacted only in October, 2013 with an aim to extend the brand to the United States and make its products available here. "Since then, we've continued to grow both rapidly and exponentially, and have become recognized as one of the best seating products on the market," added Spiher, who acknowledges that there have been gaming chairs for a while. "Often, companies try to muddy up their products with niche features such as speakers in the headrest, LED lighting, rocking-chair stability, et al. The problem is these companies aim their focus to these features, rather than the most important feature: comfort," he noted. "Our main focus is, and has always been, comfort. Our goal is to create products that allow the user to sit comfortably for extended periods of time. Our goal is to be as ergonomically driven as possible. Every single chair is equipped with both neck and back support cushions, specializing in helping both reduce and prevent muscle fatigue, stress and pain." Today DXRacer chairs are used in various professional gaming competitions around the world, where top tier gamers look for that edge over the other players. The company's goal for 2015 and beyond is to create a full setup for the ergonomically inclined worker/gamer. But this isn't limited to just gaming, and the company has its sights set on expanding to off ce chairs and provide that comfort to anyone who spends a lot of time in front of a screen. And because DXRacer has common ownership with its factory, it can adhere to product quality standards that it sets. Audio Division of TV Logic, based in Seoul, South Korea.

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