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16 | 2015 INTERNATIONAL CES DAILY | JANUARY 6-9, 2015 CESWEB.ORG #CES2015 DRONES BY PETER SUCIU T he term "self e" is a recent addition to Webster's dictionary thanks to the ability to snap photos everywhere on a camera phone, while wear- able sports cameras have allowed users to capture those moments of tri- umph and defeat in f rst person or third person perspectives. Now unmanned aerial systems – more commonly known as drones – could truly make photog- raphy special and unique, and provide the average user with a bird's eye view of the action for still photos and action videos. This is notable in the Unmanned Systems Marketplace at this year's Interna- tional CES, where attendees can experience what this burgeoning technology can offer to digital photography and video. Calgary-based Trace has brought its new Quadacopter to CES to demon- strate how it can be paired with the Tracer camera to get a view from above, and be easily shared with viewers online. What used to be diff cult to get shots from a helicopter can now be taken by the drone instead. "Trace is a live-streaming, visually intelligent camera that can operate de- vices autonomously," said Judy Garvey, Trace co- founder and COO. "Because of that, we're not necessarily looking to directly compete or stand out from drone manufacturers or other camera manufacturers but are looking to f nd our mar- ket through clear differentiation. "We're effectively looking to create a new cat- egory where Trace enabled autonomous devices from across the globe are live streaming footage to (our website's) media platform where it is ag- gregated and made searchable and viewable by anyone." The Tracer is the piece of technology that al- lows users to be in the moment in their chosen activity and have it captured for them, added Garvey. "We have become incredibly visual as a race and the moment we witness or do some- thing noteworthy, we instantly reach for our cameras to record it. By doing this, we completely remove ourselves from the event itself." In addition, unlike other drones that are being created to f lm landscapes, events and people from high and hard to achieve vantage points, Tracer is meant to be a far more personal technology. "The Tracer is a device that is being created specif cally to autonomously fol- low and f lm its primary user," suggested Garvey. "The huge success of devic- es such as GoPro cameras has proven there's a huge desire for people to re- cord these wild, crazy and amazing moments they're involved in. Trace aims to make them a part of that experience, rather than the one f lming it. That is signif cant." Trace is not the only company that hopes to provide that bird's eye view. Torquing Group is introducing its Zano at this year's CES with the goal to change the perspective and com- position in photography. "The way in which we capture and share moments has constantly been reinvented and revolutionized over the years," said Reece Crowther, head of sales and marketing at Torquing Group. "I don't think photogra- phy was ever not interesting. Facebook, twitter and In- stagram are testament to the fact that the greater popu- lation loves taking photos and sharing them! "However, Zano is providing an accessible plat- form to take personal aerial photography and HD vid- eo capture to a whole new level," Crowther added. "We are really excited to see where Zano will take personal photography and video capture. You give hu- mans a tool, and we will create. Zano is ex- actly the same, with Zano we are now making aerial photography and HD video capture tru- ly accessible to everyone. It's a brand-new tool, to capture and share moments like never be- fore. We absolutely cannot wait to see the re- sults and content that will be created through Zano. The possibilities are endless!" Hexo+ is also introducing its miniature un- manned system that is compatible with GoPro and the 360°Cam from Giroptic. The Hexo+, which can be controlled via a smartphone app and programmed to track the user, can be used to photograph activities in ways that simply weren't possible before – or at least weren't accessible to most users. "Aerial f lming has been around for a while and there are plenty of means to produce it, but the real game changer today is the combination of the comput- ing power of smartphones, affordable drones, as well as very compact high- quality cameras," said Medhi Mugnier of Squadrone Systems, makers of the Hexo+. "When all these are put together into the Hexo+, you don't have to be a journalist of the BBC or hire a helicopter to create mind-blowing aerial foot- age anymore. You just need your Hexo+, and you can be in the center of the frame of these beautiful images. CES will be the occasion for us to unveil our new movie-making specif c features and vision, going one step further in mak- ing aerial f lming accessible to anyone." Drones Offer Bird's Eye View Torquing Group's Zano FIND THEM HERE Hexo+ BOOTH 26320 Trace BOOTH 25618 Torquing Group BOOTH 25621 The Hexo+ drone

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