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216 | 2015 international CeS Daily | January 6, 2015 Vp/pUBLISHER: Ed Hecht ehecht@nbmedia.com EDITOR IN CHIEF: John Laposky jlaposky@nbmedia.com EXECUTIVE EDITOR: Greg Tarr gtarr@nbmedia.com SENIOR EDITORS: Lisa Johnston, ljohnston@nbmedia.com Joseph palenchar, jpalenchar@nbmedia.com Alan Wolf, awolf@nbmedia.com EDITOR AT LARGE: Stephen F. Smith, stevesmithce@gmail.com CONTRIBUTING EDITORS: Jeff Baumgartner, Jeff Berman, Nicole Cobban, David Elrich, penny Gill, David McGee, Jamie Sorcher, peter Suciu, George Winslow, Stewart Wolpin GRApHICS: Desiree Nunez pHOTOGRApHY: Alan perlman, Al powers, John Staley EASTERN SALES MANAGER: John LaMarca, jlamarca@nbmedia.com WESTERN SALES MANAGER: pete Haeffner, phaeffner@nbmedia.com MARKETING & SALES ASSISTANT: Shara Richter, srichter@nbmedia.com pRODUCTION MANAGER: Heather Tatrow, htatrow@nbmedia.com ASSOCIATE DIRECTOR CONSUMER MARKETING: Meg Estevez CIRCULATION MANAGER: Christine Burgess FULFILLMENT COORDINATOR: Ulises Cabrera MARKETING COORDINATOR: Dominique Rennell NEWBAY MEDIA 28 E. 28th St. New York NY 10016 phone: 212-378-0400 pRESIDENT/CEO: Steve palm CHIEF FINANCIAL OFFICER: paul Mastronardi Vp, GROUp pUBLISHING DIRECTOR: Adam Goldstein Vp, CORpORATE DIRECTOR Denise Robbins SUBSCRIpTIONS: 888-266-5828 www.mytwicemag.com DAILY The OFFicial ceS Unveiled Kicks Off With a Bang ces unveiled a packed house of international press gathered at CeS unveiled for a sneak preview of a vast as- sortment of wearables, ftness tech, 3D printing, smart-home devices, drones and other hot categories during the offcial kickoff to international CeS. a central display highlighted the Cea's innovations awards honorees and winners. Pictured here are a few highlights. CeSweb.org #CeS2015 verT WearaBleS demonstrated its Jump Device that measures vertical leap BeeWi from avenir Telecom showed off its smart home line BriO displayed a smart outlet cOnnecTeD cycle showed its smart pedal DJi featured its inspire 1 drone and camera mount accessory

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