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36 | 2015 INTERNATIONAL CES DAILY | JANUARY 6-9, 2015 CESWEB.ORG #CES2015 HOME AUDIO Sony Expands Portable High-Res Lineup BOOTHS N108, 14200, 15435 Sony is expanding its selection of high-resolution portable au- dio products with its second high-res Walkman, second portable headphone DAC/amp, and its f rst high-res headphones with a proprietary technology said to deliver high-res sound over Bluetooth. In launching the NW-ZX2 Walkman, Sony is going way up-market with a $1,199 model to complement the current $299 NWZ-A17 Walkman. Prices exclude head- phones. The lower-priced model features Bluetooth, AptX and AAC streams over Blue- tooth, and playback of high-resolution FLAC, PCM, AIFF, Apple Lossless, and WAV f les up to 192/24. It also decodes WMA, MP3 and AAC f les and displays photos and videos. It comes with 64GB embedded storage and 128GB MicroSD slot. The new model adds DSD f le playback, Android OS, built-in Wi-Fi, 128GB built-in memory, 4-inch color LCD with touchscreen, extended battery life and LDAC, which is a new audio technology and codec from Sony that delivers "near high-resolution wire- less audio" over Bluetooth. Sony said it hasn't yet determined of the Wi-Fi will be used to side-load music f les from a computer from anywhere in the house. Like its predecessor, it also displays photos and videos. The new player also features 128GB MicroSD slot and a battery with up to 60 hours of MP3 music playback (less for high-res f les). The new high-res portable headphone DAC/amp is the $299 PHA-1A, which joins the larger and more expensive $799 PHA-2. The new model supports 192KHz/24bit f les and features a mix of inputs to connect to PCs, tablets, Apple devices, Walkman portables and Xperia smartphones. The PHA-2, in contrast, also decodes DSD and double DSD. The $399 MDR-1ABT Bluetooth over-ear headphones feature Bluetooth with LDAC Bluetooth streaming, frequency response up to 100kHz, and touch sensor controls for play/pause and forward/back. Sony's NW-ZX2 Walkman Astell & Kern Goes Home VENETIAN SUITE 35-204 iRiver's Astell & Kern brand is launching the 500N Network Music Player, the brand's f rst high-resolution music server and f rst home audio component. The network player, available at $12,000 MAP with 1TB SSD drive, connects to a net- work via 10/100 Ethernet and 802.11b/g/n. It can be controlled from an Apple or Android phone or tablet or from the top-mount 7-inch 280 by 800 resolution IPS LCD display, which lets users view and select music stored on the device or streamed from DLNA-connected computers or NAS drives. The server stores and plays back lossy for- mats, Apple lossless, high-resolution audio f les up to 24-bit/192Khz, and single and double-rate DSD f les. A front-loading CD slot lets users rip CDs to multiple formats, including WAV and FLAC. The unit features three additional drive bays to ex pand storage up to 4TB or for placement in a RAID conf gura- tion for backup pur- poses. I t a l s o f e a t u r e s du a l C i r r u s L o g ic CS4398 DAC chips to output audio sig- nals independently to each channel, creating a dual-mono setup. It has dedi- cated DSD chipset for DSD playback, and it converts PCM data to DSD through its pro- prietary audio engine. Users can enjoy single- rate and double-rate DSD playback without down-sampling. The AK500N also up-con- verts high-resolution 32-bit, 384kHz WAV PCM and 24-bit/352kHz FLAC PCM data to DSD in real time. An internal battery pack helps regulate power f ow to ensure clean power and no dis- tortion of sound. Inputs and outputs include two balanced and unbalanced analog outs, balanced (AES/EBU), BNC S/PDIF, coaxial and optical digital outputs. Digital inputs in- clude balanced (AES/EBU), BNC S/PDIF, co- axial and optical digital inputs. h ree s to o a Chord Aspires To Analog Quality In DAC/Amp VENETIAN SUITE 29-222 Chord Electronics' $2,495 Hugo headphone amp/DAC, distributed by Bluebird Music, features 384kHz PCM and DSD128 (DXD) playback and proprietary FPGA technology to deliver "analog-like sound quality," Bluebird said. It can be used as a self-contained potable DAC/amp via NiCad rechargeable batteries, which last up to nine hours, or as a home component. Five digital inputs include driverless MicroUSB, MicroUSB, optical, coaxial and Bluetooth with AptX. Outputs consist of two mini-jack headphone outputs, one 0.25- inch headphone output, and one set of RCA phono outputs for playback through a home hi-f system. The digital volume control does not lose bits, the company said. Hugo drives high-end headphones and is built from precision- machined aircraft-grade aluminum with a black or silver hard-anodized f nish. It's available.

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