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40 | 2015 INTERNATIONAL CES DAILY | JANUARY 6-9, 2015 CESWEB.ORG #CES2015 HOME AUDIO GoldenEar Waxes Poetic Over Speakers VENETIAN SUITES 30-131, 30-132 GoldenEar is expand- ing its selection of Triton f loorstanding speakers and launching the f rst model in a new SuperSub series, which will become the company's f agship powered-subwoofer series. The latest Triton speaker is the Triton Five, ar- riving in March at a projected retail of $999 each. It will join the $2,499-each Triton One, $1,499-each Triton Two, $999-each Triton Three (to be repriced to $1,099 at an unspecif ed date), and $699-each Triton Seven. The Five and Seven are the only Tri- ton speakers without built-in powered sub. The Triton Five is a larger version of the opening- price Seven, offering greater dynamic range, deep- er bass extension, better imaging, and other ref ne- ments, including an unusual cabinet shape that delivers acoustic and visual benef ts, the company said. The front cabinet wall leans back to align the driver array for optimum response at an ear-level listening position. Non-parallel front and rear walls control internal standing waves, as do non-parallel side walls and a slanted top. The Five features a D'Appolito driver array of two 6-inch bass/midrange drivers above and below a High Velocity Folded Ribbon (HVFR) tweeter. HFVR tweeters are used in all GoldenEar speak- ers to extend frequency response to 35kHz with- out the break-up modes and distortion common to other tweeter types, the company said. The Five also incorporates four side-mounted 8-inch sub- bass radiators (two on each side in an inertially balanced conf guration). The Five measures 8.1 by 12.4 by 44.3 inches and delivers 26Hz to 35 kHz frequency response. In subs, the f rst model in the new top-end Su- perSub series is the $1,999 XXL, due in the sum- mer. The XXL will be the top model in a series of- fering more highly styled cabinets, more powerful amplif ers, and more powerful DSP control (56 bit compared with 48 bit). The XXL features two ac- tive 12-inch drivers in an inertially balanced con- f guration in the horizontal plane, plus two iner- tially balanced 12.8- by 11.5-inch quadratic planar infrasonic radiators in the vertical plane. The sub is driven by the 1,600-watt Class D amp controlled by a 56-bit, 192kHz DSP. The cabinet measures 18.9 by 15.8 by 15.3 inches. Klipsch Taps 10 To Launch Reference Premiere BOOTH 10428 Klipsch is launching a 10-SKU Reference Premiere line that will replace most of its Reference II series. The new series consists of three f oorstanding speakers from $400 to $675 each, two monitors at $600 and $500/pair, three center channels from $450 to $650 each, and two surrounds at $325 and $450 each. The company will continue to offer the top models in the Reference II series: a $1,599-each f oorstander, bookshelf speakers at $798/pair, center channel at $1,299, and surround at $599 each. The Reference Premiere line, which features multiple tweeter and woofer improvements over Reference II, joins the newer Klipsch Reference series, which serves as the entry-level Reference in- room speaker series under the new Reference Unity Strategy. Reference Premiere is the f agship Reference speaker line under the strategy, a spokesperson said. Under the unity strategy, Klipsch is unifying all future home-theater speakers, soundbars and headphones under the Reference umbrella to tell a unif ed sonic-signature story to consumers across product categories. In replacing most of its Reference II speakers with Reference Premiere, the company is paring SKUs to 10 from 17. All new models are two-way with brushed-polymer veneer/wood-grain vinyl f nish, and they offer "an overall speaker eff ciency the highest in its class," the company said. In the new series, the tweeters feature all-new 90 by 90 hybrid cross-section Tractrix horn said to provide wider, more constant dispersion, f atter frequency response, a larger listening area with controlled directivity, and more accurate sound. A Linear Travel Suspension (LTS) assembly allows for precise horizontal movement of the titanium tweeter diaphragm to minimize distortion and phase incoherencies and thus deliver detailed, clear, high frequencies, the company said. The tweeters use neodymium magnets to deliver high power handling. Klipsch's Reference Premier line GoldenEar's Triton Five tower speaker at a projected $999 each and the $1,999 1,600-watt XXL subwoofer. Mobile Fidelity Boosting CD/SACD-Disc Quality VENETIAN SUITE 29-120 Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab, the audiophile music label, will enhance the sound quality of its disc reissues with the launch of Ultradisc UHR GAIN HD digital mastering technology with 4X DSD for its hybrid CD/SACD discs. The mastering process uses 4X DSD direct-to-CD conversion and a newly implemented mastering chain to achieve a higher level of musical accuracy, resolution and f delity from CDs, said the Sebastopol, Calif., company. The technology makes its debut here with three titles: The Band's "The Last Waltz," Love's "Forever Changes," and the Pretenders' debut album. GAIN stands for Greater Ambient Information Network, said executive VP John Wood. It "delivers a subtle but signif cant improvement in low-level detail, ambient information and 'air,' and perhaps most importantly, a relaxed ease in the musical presentation that simply sounds less 'reproduced' and more natural and involving." The GAIN mastering chain starts with Mobile Fidelity's custom Studer tape playback deck with proprietary reproducer electronics, a "one-of-a-kind tape machine" designed for "pulling off more musical information from the master tapes from the get-go," Wood said. From there the signal is directly coupled to Mobile Fidelity's 4X DSD A/D converter, which samples at 11.2MHz or 256fs, or 256 times the CD sampling rate of 44.1 kHz. The 4X DSD f le is then down-sampled to 1X DSD for the SACD layer. The 4X DSD f le are also down-sampled to 44.1kHz for the CD layer. "The result is better resolution in both formats," the company said.

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