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62 | 2015 INTERNATIONAL CES DAILY | JANUARY 6-9, 2015 HEALTH & WELLNESS CESWEB.ORG #CES2015 BY PENNY GILL C onsumers are increasingly eager to take their health into their own hands, wheth- er it's through greater dedication to f tness or greater knowledge and control of wellness issues. Fortunately, they are empowered in that quest by a growing array of digital devices — many of which are showcased in the Health & Wellness Market- place at the 2015 International CES. Presented by the Digital Health Summit, CES's Health & Wellness Marketplace brings together the latest products, devices and apps designed to help con- sumers take responsibility for their own health and to reinforce healthy behavior. The special exhibit area is located at CES Tech West within the Sands Expo. Among the companies featured in the Health & Wellness Marketplace is Sleep Shepherd, which is spotlighting its Sleep Shepherd sleep hat, a drug- free, at-home sleep device that works with the nat- ural structure of a person's brain to slow the brain down and guide the wearer to sleep. The hat mon- itors brainwaves in real time to determine wheth- er the wearer is awake or asleep and uses that in- formation in a biofeedback loop to help the wearer fall asleep quickly and move to deeper sleep states through use of customized tones. The Sleep Shepherd hat incorporates Virtual Hammock Technology to induce a rhythmic sensa- tion of side-to-side swaying by utilizing the natural workings of the brain's auditory center. Sensors ad- just automatically as brain activity slows and contin- ue to monitor throughout the night, ready to come back on if the wearer rouses. Vancive Medical Technologies is demonstrating its Metria IH1 Lifestyle Assessment System, a dispos- able lifestyle tracker that adheres to a user's skin. Multi- ple sensors in the Metria IH1 collect 5,000 data points per minute, which are then processed by intelligent al- gorithms to provide insights into the user's activity lev- els, calorie burn, and sleep duration and quality. Col- lected data can be uploaded to a PC via USB cable, and all software for data upload and processing is includ- ed in the package. The Metria IH1 can be worn continuously for up to seven days, including in the shower. Since the product is dis- posable, there is no charging or maintenance of the electronics. BewellConnect is demonstrat- ing its full line of personal digital medical devices, including MyTher- mo, a non-contact thermometer that uses ThermoFlash infrared technol- ogy to measure temperature without touching the patient, and MyTensio, an automatic blood-pressure arm- band that measures pressure and heart rate and transfers the data by Bluetooth 4.0 in a matter of seconds. Additional dev ices in the Be- wellConnect line include MyOxy, which monitors, records and sends blood-oxygen levels; MyScale, which calculates body weight, body fat percentage, body water per- centage, muscle percentage, and bone mass; and MyCoach, which monitors sleep, activity, food and drink. For pet owners, the company also has My- Companion for tracking and monitoring pet loca- tion and activity. Two new products joining the Qardio health platform are QardioCore and QardioArm. Qardio- Arm is a smart blood-pressure monitor offered in multiple colors and designed for true portability as a motivation for consumers to use it more often. It provides differentiated readings by the user's loca- tion, and its app works together with Apple's Health- Kit so users can access all their health and wellness information in one place. QardioCore is a wireless personal ECG monitor engineered to collect continual ECG reading, heart rate data, activity and stress levels, and body tem- perature. Both Qardio products utilize Bluetooth technology to touch pair with a smartphone or tab- let, and the data is then pushed to Qardio's secure cloud where it's stored, analyzed, and available for sharing with family or doctor. Terraillon is demonstrating its Wellness Coach app along with two new connected devices, Web Self-Monitoring Devices Delivering Empowerment FIND THEM HERE BewellConnect BOOTH 73332 Ming Young Biomedical BOOTH 73428 Qardio BOOTH 72917 Sleep Shepherd BOOTH 73627 Vancive Medical Technologies BOOTH 73132 Coach Easy View and NutriTab. The Wellness Coach app features a dashboard that integrates a logbook for tracking goals, trophies and other en- couragement to achieve objectives, and notif cations to stimulate regular interaction with the app. It of- fers a choice of programs for weight control, health and vitality, or zen, and includes personalized health monitoring and advice, access to individual- ized coaching, and a nutrition program. Web Coach Easy View is a high-tech scale that con- nects to Wellness Coach and provides long-term mon- itoring of a user's weight, along with measuring body fat, muscle mass, body water, and bone mass. NutriTab is a connected kitchen scale that weighs food and al- lows users to create recipes based on calories, protein or salt content, and other values. Its scanner function recognizes more than 20,000 products. In the Ming Young Biomedical booth, CES vis- itors can examine a variety of comfort-designed ap- parel equipped with sensors or electrodes to moni- tor a range of vital health statistics. Included are a shirt, sport bra and belt that measure and transmit breathing rate; a shirt and bra that detect a contin- uous ECG signal or heart rate; shoes and socks that measure steps, walking speed and distance; paja- mas that record the wearer's ECG during sleep; and a shirt that measures and records body temperature. The QardioArm

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