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64 | 2015 INTERNATIONAL CES DAILY | JANUARY 6-9, 2015 FITNESS TECH CESWEB.ORG #CES2015 Fitness Tech Marketplace Conference Track Fitness Training Whether you are an athlete or a weekend warrior, technology can provide the tools and information that you need to hit your personal best. See the newest innovations in training and safety. Topics include: Training for the Personal Best; Minimizing Risk and Maximizing Performance Tuesday, January 6, 8:30-10:15 AM, Venetian Level 2, Bellini 2104 Fitness 4.0 Fitness was the f rst to market in the wearable tech area, and they are the pioneers of emerging fashion partnerships. Hear from market creators and those pushing the Wearable Tech industry forward. Topics include: Meet Gen 2.0 Fitness; New Players in the Fitness game Tuesday, January 6, 10:15-11:15 AM, Venetian, Level 2, Bellini 2104 Wearable Tech Fitness was the f rst to market in the wearable tech area, and they are the pioneers of emerging fashion partnerships. Hear from market creators and those pushing the Wearable Tech industry forward. Topics include: Tech Talks - Fashion Statement; Off the Rack Tuesday, January 6, 11:30 AM-12:30 PM, Venetian Level 2, Bellini 2104 Healthy Interaction Whether we are trying to get healthy or achieve peak f tness condition, celebrating and "sharing" our achievements has a few pitfalls. Topics include: Healthy Tracking; Health Clubs/Personal Training; Digital Interaction and Connectivity; Digital Fitness Revolution Tuesday, January 6, 1-3:15 PM, Venetian, Level 2, Bellini 2104 Innovation New players, new trends, new technology: meet the new kids on the block. Innovations in science and technology may already have us living in the "Brave New World." Topics include: Spotlight on Innovation; Barracudas on the Strip Tuesday, January 6 3:30-5 PM Venetian, Level 2, Bellini 2104 BY JOHN LAPOSKY T he Con sumer Electron ic s A s soci at ion turned to the experts at the Sports & Fit- ness Industry Association (SFIA) to launch International CES's f rst Sports Tech Marketplace, which showcases the latest in sports technology The Sports Tech Marketplace highlights how technology is being incorporated into sports and how it is affecting the participant experience. It features the most recent products, services and trends in sports technology, placing a global spot- light on one of the technology industr y's fast- growing category. The marketplace w ill be located w ithin the Sands Expo at CES Tech West. "Technolog y is being used more and more in sports, and the 2015 CES w ill be the 'can't miss', best place to experience the w ide range of t hese product s and solution s," said K aren Chupka, senior VP, International CES and cor- porate business strategy, CEA. "Sensors, wear- ables and mobile technologies are revolutioniz- ing sports by providing real-time information that enables us to better achieve our athletic goals. CES is at the forefront of this emerging category and we're pleased to partner with SFIA to bring it to life." "Technology has driven some of the greatest innovations in our industry," said Tom Cove, pres- ident/CEO, SFIA. "We're proud to partner with an organization like CEA to launch the Sports Tech Conference and Marketplace. We see technology revolutionizing the current sports landscape and we're only at the tip of the iceberg. The combining of these two storied associations to produce the conference and marketplace ensures that it will be of the highest quality. We hope Vegas and the tech industry is ready for the sports industry, be- cause we're ready for them." Tuesday, Jan. 6, will feature a day-long series of conferences that will delve deeply into $14 bil- lion-a-year f tness tech industry, with sessions on every aspect of the f tness world, from devices to Innovation In The Spotlight At First Sports Tech Marketplace clothing to social communities. The power and prospects of the f tness market will be explored as the technology continues to grow more accu- rate, more powerful and supported by robust and growing ecosystem. Some highlights of the Sports Tech Conference include: a discussion on how the German Nation- al Football Team utilized the Adidas MiCoach to help them w in the World Cup and how Major League Soccer has become the f rst professional smart league; how MC10 is using sensors in order to minimize injuries and improve performance of the athletes; the International CES debut of Under Armour, which will focus on how changes in tech- nology are helping coaches and athletes to main- tain high levels of peak performance; and wear- able tech pioneer Stacey Burr bringing the Adidas elite training system to consumer enthusiasts. CEA spokesman Jim Barry holds an Adidas Smart Ball, honored as a CES Best of Innovations winner.

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