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68 | 2015 INTERNATIONAL CES DAILY | JANUARY 6-9, 2015 SMART HOME CESWEB.ORG #CES2015 FIND THEM HERE Honeywell BOOTH 70637 Jasco BOOTH 9005 Kidde BOOTH 70549 Lutron BOOTH 70532 Oomi BOOTH 36808 Philips BOOTH 22010 Yale BOOTH 21000 Zonoff WESTGATE SUITE 2921 BY STEWART WOLPIN I magine being told that the brand X HDTV you sell is only completely interoperable with certain brands and models of soundbars, Blu-ray play- ers, AVRs and media streamers that share a proprie- tary connectivity protocol. But this seems to be the predicament for retail- ers wanting to grab a piece of the mushrooming DIY smart-home market. Established companies and en- trepreneurs with cartoon neon dollar signs lighting up in their eyes has led to "a state of rapid growth with the entry of new companies, new protocols and radios on an almost daily basis," complained Bill Ablondi, director of smart-home strategies for Strat- egy Analytics, creating a morass of competing pro- prietary platforms. "[We] consider fragmentation and interoperabil- ity to be one of the biggest issues the smart-home industry is facing," agreed Tim Hewitt, smart-home analyst for IHS. But there's a lot of potential dollars at stake. Strat- egy Analytics said the home-auto- mation market was worth $17 bil- lion last year, and projected to grow 19 percent per year for the next two years. Kevin Petersen, senior VP for AT&T's Digital Life, predicted the global smart-home market will reach $100 billion in revenues by 2018. But what is this emerging DIY smart-home market? Smart Devices, Systems and Protocols Smart devices include the mundane, exotic and even superf uous. There are security cameras such as Dropcam and Piper, which account for between 20 to 22 percent of the DIY smart-home revenue, ac- cording to Strategy Analytics. There are app-controllable LED light bulbs such as Philips Hub (booth 22010), as well as lighting, which has captured between 12 to 15 percent of smart-home revenues, and even window shade con- trol systems from companies such as Lutron (booth 70532). There are smart thermostats, which account for Can Too Many Vendors Spoil The DIY Smart-Home Market? an estimated 15 percent of smart-home revenues, and smart smoke/CO2 detectors, about 5 to 6 per- cent, from companies such as Nest (Venetian Pala- zzo suites), Honey well (booth 70637) and Kidde/United Tech- nologies (booth 70549). There are door locks such as the Kw ikset Kevo by UniKey (booth 70344), Yale and Schlage ( both in the Z-Wave Alliance booth in booth 21000), along with garage door openers such as those from Chamberlain (Venetian Pala- zzo suite). Many of the siloed platforms that tie these disparate products together are controlled by a specif c retailer or service pro- vider such as Staples Connect, powered by app de- veloper Zonoff (Westgate Hospitality Suite 2921) and which is scheduled to announce compatibili- ty with Nest and Bose products, Lowe's Iris (booth 70632), AT&T's Digital Life (booth 75129), ADT's Pulse (booth 71029) and Belkin's WeMo (booth 30551), as well as platforms promoted by various cable companies. In addition, many new smart- home platforms will be unveiled at CES, including SAGE by Hughes (booth 8143); the Dish people, which aims to help control a variety of home devices in-home or remotely or via an Inter- net-connected console; Oomi (booth 36808), which bills itself as a learning home-automation platform; Avi-on's Simple Bluetooth Home suite of products from GE and Jasco (booth 9005); DADO, a Platform as a Service (PaaS) designed to accelerate trusted consumer brands into the Internet of Things (IoT) economy; and the Axon IoT platform from Green- wave (Westgate Hospitality Suite 2976). But the bulk of the CES smart-home products and systems are on display in the Smart Home Market- place presented by Bosch on Level 2 of the Sands Convention Center, where more than 60 smart- home vendors are exhibiting. On the appliance side, Samsung is readying its proprietary Smart Home platform, although a Sam- sung spokesperson told TWICE that the company wouldn't "have anything new regarding connected appliances this year." But Bosch (booth 71032), to- gether with ABB and Cisco, announced a univer- sal, open software platform last November. "The Bosch/ABB/Cisco platform has not been introduced yet, but we will see it in 2015," predicts Ablondi. "We'll see if it adds something to what the 40 or 50 platforms already in the market can do. Samsung is talking multi- ple approaches and their appliance platform appears to be very propri- etary. I don't see this as a winning ap- proach." Apple's Entry Then there is the pending HomeKit platform from Apple, which could either completely muck-up the emerging smart-home market or unify it. See the next page for more details. Ken Loyd, director of product marketing at rout- er-maker D-Link, said he believes "there will ulti- mately be some synergy around a select few wireless technologies as the IEEE group works to build an overarching architecture for the 'Internet of Things' that will span various industries and technologies. Also, with the introduction of lower power Wi-Fi (802.11ah) in the near future, we believe more con- sistent wireless technologies meeting low-power de- vice requirements will bring a more seamless user experience." What everyone agrees on is the vast potential of the DIY smart-home market, especially once this current crowded boom compresses. "As the home-automation space is still a devel- oping market, there is space for new providers and platforms to occupy," reported Hewitt, "but it is im- possible to say who will be amongst the remaining few when the dust settles. The winners will be those who can bring a wide range of products together, whilst maintaining a cohesive user experience." e - h at h er are e rvice p ro- wouldn't "hav e appliances thi s gether with A B sal, open soft w "The Bosc h introdu c pre s p et a pr Kwikset Kevo THE HOME-AUTOMATION MARKET WAS WORTH $17 BILLION LAST YEAR.

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