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72 | 2015 INTERNATIONAL CES DAILY | JANUARY 6-9, 2015 PERSONAL SECURITY CESWEB.ORG #CES2015 Personal Security Gets Smart BY DAVID ELRICH I n this age of hacked celebrity photos and on- line identity and credit-card theft, there's no hotter topic than cyber security. If you want to see some of the latest products and breakthroughs in these categories, visit the Personal Privacy and Cyber Security Marketplaces located in CES Tech East, in the South Hall. The Personal Privacy Marketplace focuses on personal cyber-security products that offer consumers peace of mind in today's tech- nology-driven world, such as hack-proof wallets and smartphone cases. At the Cyber Security Marketplace, presented by the GoldKey Identity Federation, you can learn about the newest technologies and strategies you can adopt to protect your information online. The area provides information on how companies are joining together to replace the username/password system as well as how users are accessing private accounts with a simple PIN, sharing encrypted f les in the Cloud, blocking lost de- vices and more. The Gold Identity Federation off cially launches at the 2015 CES. And since this is CES, there are tons of cool products to check out. On Jan. 6, GoldKey an- nounced the f rst Secure Communicator, a com- pletely independent Android smartphone built into a watch. It comes with GoldKey security inside, making it a dual-factor authentication device, and features secure email and encrypted Cloud storage. It also fully supports Gold Pay, a new secure pay- ment platform just announced here. The Communicator has a built-in 5-megapixel camera, an HD video camera and internal f ash storage of 32GB — not to mention GPS, speaker, microphone, Bluetooth and a Wi-Fi hotspot capa- bility. With a battery lasting all day, a serious user can shed a conventional cellphone by moving a SIM card to the Communicator, according to the company. Major exhibitors located within the Personal Pri- vacy Marketplace include Vysk, Hyprkey, iWallet, Private Internet Access, Silent Pocket and others. Vysk will display its CES 2015 Innovation Award-winning QS1 iPhone Privacy case. It uses hardware and software components, as well as an app, to prevent eavesdropping and stop hackers from using the phone's built-in cameras. The QS1 features next-generation encryption and allows ac- cess to the Vysk Privacy Network, which lets users have completely anonymous and conf den- tial conversations. The iWallet is billed as the world's f rst and only biometric locking wallet, and it uses a built-in f n- gerprint scanner — much like new smartphones— to verify its user's identity before unlocking and allow- ing access to its contents. The mate- rial used in an iWallet's construction blocks radio frequencies, keeping RFID-enabled cards safe from hack- ing, or being used from within the locked wallet. The iWallet also links to your smartphone via Bluetooth so you don't have to worry about leaving it behind accidentally. If you take off without your iWallet, your phone will ring, suggesting you head back to grab it. Conversely, if you leave your smartphone behind, your iWallet will ring. Private Internet Access provides multi-layered security with advanced privacy protection using VPN tunneling to ensure your IP address is conf dential and your browsing is private. And to get a peek at the future, HyprKey will demonstrate its new biometric mobile payments platform due in May. Other products at the Personal Privacy Market- place include security tracking beacons, new mo- bile payment options, smart wallets and more. One of the forces behind the Cyber Security Mar- ketplace is the Gold Identity Federation, created by GoldKey (formerly known as WideBand) based in Vysk's QS1 FIND THEM HERE GoldKey BOOTH 20542 HyprKey BOOTH 22027 iWallet BOOTH 21824 Private Internet Access BOOTH 22024 Vysk BOOTH 21924 off er h- of e d u e s e ct d es n ing w ord sing a ring o st de- e ration cess t o th e Vy s k P have com tial c o f r w g e sm i d in g ri a bl o RF I ing, lock e V k' QS1 LoopPay Shows Mobile Pay Option BOOTH 29128 LoopPay is offering a number of products to turn a smartphone into a virtu- al wallet and elim- i n ate cred it c a rd fraud. The compa ny's new CardCase is a sm ar tphone c a s e w i t h N F C t e c h - nology that stores c r e d i t a n d d e b - it cards as well as g i f t , loy a lt y a nd private label cards. Card info is entered via a swipe slot on the case. The Loop- Pay app encrypts the data and authenticates the card with the issuer. The data, once authenti- cated, is then password- and PIN-protected. To pay for transactions at merchants with NFC checkout terminals, the phone is held up to the terminal. The case also includes a re- movable LoopPay electronic card that can be swiped like a traditional credit card but con- tains the data of all the cards entered into the LoopPay app. The customer just opens the app, selects which card to use, and then swipes the LoopPay Card. The CardCase also has a slot to hold an ID. Independence, Mo. They developed GoldKey Se- curity Tokens used by customers in over 40 coun- tries, including federal, state, and local government agencies, f nancial institutions, schools and univer- sities, and a wide range of security-conscious en- terprises and individuals. GoldKey USB tokens are part of an very secure system that helps people protect data of all types including photographs. Hollywood starlets should take note.

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