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76 | 2015 INTERNATIONAL CES DAILY | JANUARY 6-9, 2015 EUREKA PARK CESWEB.ORG #CES2015 Connect Anywhere, All The Time With GoTenna TrewGrip Readies Handheld Keyboard And Air Mouse BOOTH 75562 TrewGrip is unveiling this week the f rst samples of its rear-facing handheld keyboard and air mouse from its initial production run. TrewGrip introduced a prototype of the products last year at International CES 2014, and is now preparing for production in the f rst quarter of 2015. Since the last CES, the company has continued to enhance TrewGrip, making the device more comfortable for the user with a new handgrip design and materials, and improving the mouse controls and adding new gaming keys and functions, the company said. TrewGrip is patent-pending technology for use with today's mobile devices, smart TVs and desktop computers. The products connect to any Bluetooth- enabled technology, and users can dock their smartphones and phablets to TrewGrip for more productive two-handed text entry, and can replace their current computer keyboards and mice. The integrated, ergonomic devices can also connect to smart TVs, allowing users to quickly navigate on- screen menus, enter text and play games. TrewGrip features a full, standard QWERTY keyboard layout that has been split and rotated, allowing multi-f nger text entry. By maintaining the QWERTY keyboard layout, users can quickly transfer competencies from a traditional keyboard to TrewGrip without having to learn an entirely new skill, the company noted. Although the keys are located on the back of the device, there are visual cues on the front, as well as mouse buttons, function keys and gaming controls. Price and availability will be announced here this week at the show. BOOTH 75300 We've all been there: Whether it's during a hike, at a crowded concert or traveling abroad, at the times when we most need to stay connected to our group we are faced with unreli- able or unaffordable cell service. G oTe n n a, a new connected device, aims to make the annoyance associat- ed with not having reliable cell service a thing of the past. By pairing a smartphone with a GoTenna unit, owners can communicate off-grid with other nearby GoTenna users, anywhere on the planet, re- gardless of access to cell reception or Wi-Fi. GoTenna conveniently f ts in a backpack, pock- et or purse, and enables consumers to send messag- es and geo-location information to others who also have the device. Super-lightweight, compact and weatherproof, GoTenna allows users to communi- cate privately, free of subscriptions or fees, and is de- signed to be as rugged and resilient as the backpack- ers who would benef t from it. The device was designed with multiple users in mind, from the hiking enthusiast who's often in remote areas without service to the sports fan packed into a crowded stadium with un- reliable coverage. GoTenna is also ideal in an emergency sce- nario, the exhibitor said, because it allows users to communicate instantly with those around them who can offer help, even when cell towers and Wi- Fi routers go down during natural disasters. Follow ing an initial pre-sale pr ice of $149 for a pair of the devices, with the goal of raising $50,000, GoTenna is priced to retail for $299. BOOTH 75033 Skipstone is unveiling a feature-com- plete version of its all-new, patent-pending video technology platform here at the 2015 Internation- al CES this week. Skipstone said it enables consumers to eff cient- ly investigate products and services while offer- ing brands a platform to increase consumer en- gagement. According to the company, it provides an active and engaging search space for consum- ers where getting to the necessary information is as easy as asking a question. Skipstone forms a bridge of two-way communi- cation between brands and consumers. Consum- ers love Skipstone, the company said, because it provides the advantages of video in an interactive format, allowing them to get answers to questions quickly without wading through lengthy and irrel- evant content. Brands love Skipstone, the compa- ny said, because it offers viewers a more satisfying experience while providing key insights into the things that matter to consumers most. Through the engag ing Sk ipstone inter face, brands are able to identify and present related products or services that may interest the consum- er based on the questions asked. In addition to unveiling the all-new Skipstone demo at CES, company co-founder David Ernst is announcing the firm's mobile application rollout strategy for 2015. Price and availability will be announced here this week. Skipstone Rolls Out New Video Technology Platform

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