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78 | 2015 INTERNATIONAL CES DAILY | JANUARY 6-9, 2015 EUREKA PARK CESWEB.ORG #CES2015 Ampl Labs Showcases New SmartBackpack 'eMeasure' It With eTape16 BOOTH 75327 Eureka's eTape 16 not only provides a digital readout of measurements, it also lets users store those measurements. Measuring dimensions can be a tedious process. Not only does the user have to remember each measurement (hopefully long enough to write it down), but he or she may have dif ficult y even reading the tape measure. The eTape 16 has a solution to that problem. This electronic tape measure upgrades a centuries-old technolog y with not only a large digital display on top, capable of reading both U.S. and metric units, but also two long-term memor y and one shor t-term memor y functions for immediate digital recall. The durable polycarbonate device can also determine midpoints in measurements, and dif ferentiate between inside and outside measurements. "'Measure it, read it, record it' is really the tagline of the new product," said Dawn Whitmer, marketing and sales VP. "It solves two things, basically: How to read a tape measure, and then how to remember what I just measured." For customers looking for an even more high-tech measuring solution, there is the eTape 16 with Bluetooth. This version allows users to transmit measurements to computers, tablets and smar tphones via a free downloadable app (available initially for iOS devices; an Android app was added in November). The Bluetooth capabilit y provides users with the oppor tunit y to record more than two measurements for a longer period of time. Available now, the eTape 16 is priced to retail between $29.95 and $34.95, whereas the eTape 16 with Bluetooth is priced to hit a $ 49 to $54.95 price point. BOOTH 75400 Ampl Labs, a San Diego-based start- up, is introducing a viable solution for connected consumers worried about recharging their mo- bile devices while on the go. The Ampl Smart- Backpack integrates smart electronics seamless- ly into the fabric of the bag. Recently selected as a 2015 CES Innovation Honoree in the Portable Power and Computer Accessories categories, the backpack provides consumers with a versatile mobile charging system that also protects por- table electronic devices with a shock-absorbing core and rain-resistant coating. The charging system features an integrated 18.5 watt-hour (Wh) batter y, USB ports inside each pocket, and supports the addition of up to three optional modular batteries (sold sepa- rately) available in two sizes: A standard 20Wh module (wh ich when combined w it h t he in- tegrated batter y can charge a tablet or several smartphones), and a high-capacity 55Wh mod- ule (which can charge most laptops through di- rect DC power, or with an optional inverter and AC outlet, sold separately). All of the batteries feature adaptive, fast-charg- ing technology enabling them to recharge nearly 2.5 times quicker than traditional Li-ion batter- ies, while at the same time extending their ex- pected lifetime by reducing degradation caused by conventional constant-rate charging. The elec- tronics and smart sensors that form the brain of system reside in a scratch-resistant molded nylon shell on the front of the bag, which also houses an OLED display and capacitive-touch controls. The Ampl SmartBackpack will be available in late spring for approximately $299. Pricing has yet to be determined for the battery modules. BOOTH 75144 Tekoia is showcasing its news SureMote smart universal remote plat- form, which allows for control of digital media, home automation and the Internet of Things. The company is leveraging smartphone technology, communications protocols and mobile advertising to deliver its easy-to use SureMote. With one-button control of all the devices in a connected home — both IR and Wi-Fi — the SureMote app allows users to throw away all the remotes for smart TVs, DVRs, Blu-ray players, media streamers and the appliances that are now con- nected to the Internet in the home. Tekoia claimed the SureMote is the only universal remote to support the range of remote-enabled appliances all in one app. The app also offers a way to stream photos and other content from the smartphone to a smart TV. With a simple click and swipe, SureMote users can set up groups of devices into one system that can be operated simultaneously from the same app. Sure- Mote allows users to create "media systems" that can be turned on or off with just one button. Price and availability will be announced here at the show this week. Tekoia SureMote: Truly A Smart Remote core and rain resistant coating.

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