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Fall 2016

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2 I Sustainable Living – Fall 2016 S tate and local water experts agree that innovation and cooperation will be the key to surviving the multi-year, historic drought in California. Now is the time to encourage scientists and great minds to continue the pursuit of new and improved ways to conserve and recycle water. Two decades ago, concepts like recycled water and desalination, for example, were criticized as unrealistic and too costly. "Today we don't laugh at anything," said Bob Kuhn during the 2016 San Gabriel Valley Water Forum. Kuhn serves on the Board of Directors for Three Valleys Municipal Water District and the San Gabriel Basin Water Quality Authority. The annual Water Forum – now in its fourth year – was held in September at the Sheraton Fairplex Conference Center in Pomona. The event featured panel discussions and updates on relevant topics including water supply conditions statewide and locally, local projects in the works, plans to prepare for the future, as well as water conservation success stories. Thomas Wong, president of the San Gabriel Valley Municipal Water District Board of Directors, said the initial Water Forum was convened to Sustainability… Thinking about Tomorrow Today! By Chris Lancaster Publisher T he idea of sustainable living includes worthy, practical, daily – sometimes simple -- acts like recycling and conservation. But the concept of sustainability actually encompasses much more. Sustainability takes the long-term approach – not only what's good for us today, but well into the future when the world belongs to our children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. If we merely satisfy our own needs in the moment, but think nothing of the future, where will that leave generations to come? Sustainability is a balancing act between what society, the economy and the environment need right now to be robust and healthy, and what those three key areas will require to ensure that future generations have the resources they need to not only survive, but thrive. Sustainability – responsible resource management in harmony with nature – will help us ensure that we continue to have clean air, enough water, food and natural resources to protect and promote our health and that of the whole planet. We deserve it, and as stewards of the environment, we owe it to our heirs. With our current drought we are aware of how limited our water resources are, so much so, that concerns over the aging Bay Delta levees, limits on imported water resources and efforts to clean contaminated groundwater are no longer topics of scholarly conversations among those in the water industry. Water has now risen to the level of awareness and understanding of other important public policy issues such as education, transportation, public safety and healthcare. We can no longer just rely on the snowpack in northern California or imported water from the Colorado River to quench our region's thirst, we must rethink the way we look at all water resources that are available to us, such as, groundwater, stormwater and urban runoff capture, sewage water for recycling to name a few. In a region that has the 18th largest economy in the world and with more than 10 million people, having a reliable water supply is critical to our economy and continuation of our way of life. I hope the inspiring stories in this section make you share my growing enthusiasm for sustainability and the options that smart, careful, forward-thinking planning will give us. ■ Chris Lancaster FIND US ONLINE AT Publisher Chris Lancaster Editor Elizabeth Smilor Art Director Christie Robinson Contributor Michelle Nava Sustainable Living 2016 is an advertising supplement to the Los Angeles Times published by Civic Publications, Inc. ©2016. For comments or questions, email Chris Lancaster at San Gabriel Valley Water Forum Focuses on Cooperation, Innovation By Michelle Nava Special Sections Writer "Sustainability is a balancing act between what society, the economy and the environment need right now…" Thomas Wong

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