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©2016 MicroDent l, Inc._161130 SMILES MATTER SM M 800.229.0936 MACSTUDIO BY MICRODENTAL LABORATORIES Developed 19 ye rs go by dentists nd MicroDent l, M cstudio restor tions re the le ding choice for dentists who re committed to life-ch nging dentistry. Robert first ppro ched Dr. Kl ich with concerns th t his coll psed, edge-to-edge bite with severely worn nterior teeth w s ltering both his ppe r nce nd his speech. Dr. Kl ich knew th t n effective tre tment pl n would involve djusting Robert's bite before bonding porcel in. Dr. Kl ich worked with his trusted M cstudio te m to first correct Robert's bite through fixed orthotics, nd then to restore his teeth with life-like porcel in e.m x restor tions. Robert's full-mouth reh bilit tion results re test ment to successful coll bor tion between Dr. Kl ich nd the M cstudio technici ns. Cosmetic dentistry not only brought Robert confidence, but lso new outlook on life. From full-mouth rejuven tions to single tooth restor tions; ���������� ™ to crowns, bridges, impl nts nd remov bles; M cstudio restor tions c n cre te � ����� ��� ����� ����� ™ . Robert Miloszewski ��������� ����� ������ ��������� ����������� ��������� �� Dr. Robert Kl ich, Cr nberry Twp, PA ��� ������

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