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October 2012

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MAXRESULTS GETTING OFF THE DIET ROLLER COASTER... Michelle Galvan, a.k.a. "Mellie," LV WKH ¿UVW SHUVRQ WR WHOO \RX WKDW SULRU WR KHU incredible body transformation in Max Muscle Sports Nutrition's 2012 MaxForm Life Challenge contest, she was anything but a princess. "I was miserable, angry, ashamed of who I was, bitter; I was driving my husband away," said Mellie UHÀHFWLQJ RQ KHU SUH 0D[)RUP GD\V ³, ZDV D bitch and couldn't control my emotions. I was caught in my own hell." Coming from a family history of "large women," for good! "He didn't want to 'sell' me, he wanted to save me." From that moment, Mellie began a journey to get healthy, not just lose weight. The education on nutrition is what Mellie has she was most afraid that she, too, was doomed WR EHFRPH REHVH DQG IHDUHG KHU ¿YH NLGV ZRXOG follow suit. But like many people, she had to no idea how to get off the diet roller coaster. According to Mellie, one day her husband literally dragged her into a Max Muscle store in Tualatin, Oregon and everything changed. 0HOOLH ZDV GHIHQVLYH XSRQ ¿UVW ZDONLQJ LQ WKH door and seeing images of "strong, toned and beautifully-shaped women," as well as the staff DQG FXVWRPHUV RI WKH VWRUH 7KH ¿UVW WKLQJ VKH WKRXJKW" ³3XW ¿YH NLGV RQ WKRVH KLSV GDUOLQJ DQG let's see how good you look!" 7KHQ VKH PHW &HUWL¿HG )LWQHVV 1XWULWLRQ &RDFK Jesse Johnson. "Jesse listened to me and offered me suggestions on changes I could make for myself and my family; he never preached at me and was always my guide and support," she said. cherished the most and what she considers one of her proudest accomplishments. That education led her to a Top 10 Finish in the 2012 MaxForm contest and a library of emails from the women around the nation she inspired to do what she's done: stop the cycle of diets and misinformation and learn about food, exercise and nutrition. "When you don't know anything about food, and you buy a Lean Cuisine thinking you're doing something good for yourself, the cycle never ends," she said. In addition to inspiring friends, strangers in the gym and thousands of people online, Mellie is most excited about the changes that have taken place at home with her children. As a PRWKHU RI ¿YH 0HOOLH¶V GULYH FKDQJHG WKH ZKROH culture of eating in their home. "We eat clean. There is no macaroni and cheese in this house, no Top Ramen, no frozen foods." After explaining why to her children, Mellie literally cleaned out the cupboards and introduced healthy alternatives. "Soda was exchanged for MaxPro drinks, potato chips gave way to vegetables and fruit and dining out has gone from 'all the time' to once or twice a month," she explained. Mellie knew if she was going to change her lifestyle, she had to change her family's, too, to help prevent her kids from struggling with the same issues 10 years down the road. "My kids now snub their noses at sugary treats and crave a protein shake that we make into smoothies. My kids are healthy, make great eating decisions and I'm proud to say that my behavior is modeled through them for the better. Even the 7-year-old gets it." Because she comes from a family of large women, Mellie is thrilled she "broke the pattern" of bad eating habits that her family has passed on through the generations. "That pattern has stopped with me and my family. You can bet I'm proud of that!" MS&F 2012 MAXFORM LIFE CHALLENGE TOP 10 BODY FAT BEFORE BODY FAT AFTER 42 WWW.MAXMUSCLE.COM ı OCTOBER 2012 MICHELLE REACHED HER GOAL IN 6 MONTHS! MICHELLE 'MELLIE' GALVAN 22.1% 8.4% BEFORE AFTER Mellie Galvan flexes in front of a poster at Max Muscle that used to intimidate her. But not anymore.

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