November 10-16, 2017

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November 10-16, 2017 vol. 39 / No. 51 It Costs $300-Plus to Eat at Dialogue. It's Worth It • Shepard Fairey's Show Isn't Anti-Trump, It's Anti-Apathy The rebirTh of TokimoNsTA Less than a year after brain surgery rendered her unable to comprehend music, Jennifer Lee aka Tokimonsta has released the best album of her career by rebeccA hAiThcoAT ® P R E S E N T E D B Y AFI FEST A M E R I C A N F I L M I N S T I T U T E NOV 9-16 AFI FEST F I L M F E S T I V A L EXPRESS PASSES AND FREE TICKETS AVAILABLE NOW #AFIFEST

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