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launched in 2017 – This site is really moving the needle with amazing automotive photogra- phy and first-rate writing that covers a broader scope of the car culture we all love. Fuel Curve goes beyond just the cars, capturing the spirit of the gearhead lifestyle and touching on topics outside of the conventional rod and custom realm. It's a great place to get that extra dose of nitro y o u m i g h t n e e d t o k e e p y o u engaged and inspired in your auto- motive endeavors. I can't look back on 2017 without discussing the heart of Goodguys – our incredible events. It was a welcome change for me to get back to some of my favorite Goodguys d e s t i n a t i o n s , l i k e t h e D e l M a r Nationals, the PPG Nationals in Columbus, or the West Coast Nation- als in Pleasanton. Each one was even better – and bigger – than I remem- b e re d . A t a t i m e w h e n m a n y enthusiasts worry that the passion and drive in the automotive hobby might be fading, it's encouraging to see the energy and vitality I wit- nessed at so many events in 2017. I saw scores of younger rodders among the graybeards and, even better, I met and spoke with many young car builders who will help keep the hobby healthy and thriving for years. The influx of new blood is sure to increase as we accelerate into 2018 and welcome the next generation of performance vehicles to Goodguys events. I'm excited to see what enthusiasts will do with some of RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW UP FRONT BY DAMON LEE • EDITOR It's less than two weeks before Christmas as I write this and, assum- ing I turn it in on time, we should be shortly into the new year when you read it. In other words, it seems like one of those natural times to reflect back on the year behind us, and to take a peek at the road ahead. The past year was certainly an eventful one for me, with the biggest event involving jumping back into an editor's chair after a decade away in the marketing wilderness. There were many things that came back naturally, but just as many (if not more) required a little tuning and adjust- ment before I got back up to speed. Like deadlines. Wait – we've got one of those every month?! Ah, yes, now I recall what that treadmill is like! Of course, the current media landscape is completely different than the one I left 10 years ago. In addition to the monthly print maga- z i n e , t h e r e a r e multiple Goodguys social media chan- nels to tend to, as well as a website. Fortunately, we've got a great media team in place to k e e p e v e r y t h i n g properly fed, which in turn keeps mem- bers like you well i n f o r m e d a n d e n t e r t a i n e d n o m a t t e r h o w y o u prefer to consume your information. You can stay tuned in on Facebook, get tweets on Twit- ter, scroll through compelling images on Instagram or dig a little more in-depth on our website, Speaking of the Goodguys web- site, have you checked it out lately? It's much more than just a resource for event registration and information these days. We've ramped up the content on the Hot News section, posting car features with bonus pho- tography that doesn't always make the magazine cut, as well as shop profiles, interviews, bonus coverage from events and other engaging con- tent. Be sure to cruise in for a visit the next time you're online. Another fantastic digital destina- tion is the companion website we these newer machines. The Good- guys Pace Car '79 Mustang is a perfect example. Foxbody Mustangs are something I rarely gave a second thought to in the past, but seeing the impact of one crafted with the attitude and style of this Goolsby- built beauty has definitely changed my perspective. This thing is a knock- out! How many more unexpected gems like that will turn up in the new year? I'm hoping the new year will also offer an opportunity for me to get to some events I've never attended. I'm intrigued every time I see coverage of the East Coast Nationals in Rhine- beck, so I'd love to make that a destination this year. I've always wanted to get to the Nashville Nationals, too – cool cars, great music and barbecue? Sign me up! Both of these events will adopt a two-day (Friday and Saturday) format this year, with Satur- day activities and awards stretching into the evening. Sounds like fun! We'll be work- i n g t o m a k e refinements to the G a z e t t e i n 2 0 1 8 , too, and we'll need your help and input to do that. What do y o u w a n t t o s e e more of? What can y o u d o w i t h o u t ? What new features w o u l d m a k e t h e monthly magazine more entertaining and engaging for you? Where do you turn first when your Gazette arrives in the mail? Drop me a line at editor@ and give me your thoughts. Goodguys is marking its 35th anniversary in 2018, which is a little hard to believe for those of us who still think of the '80s as being, like, 15 years ago. Don't fear, though – we're pursuing this milestone with gusto and have no plans to back off the throttle. Just like the cars we love, Goodguys is not getting older – it's getting better! We've got plenty to celebrate, and I look forward to seeing you at the events this year and soaking in all the fun the new season has to offer. GAZETTE & E-MEDIA EDITOR Damon Lee/402-614-4874 ASSOCIATE EDITOR Steven Bunker ART DIRECTOR Kevin Reynolds / 925-218-9120 PRODUCTION MANAGER Gaea McLaughlin / 925-218-9132 ADVERTSING SALES MANAGER Clint Petree / 925-218-9154 SALES COORDINATOR Jamie Sa / 925-218-9151 SALES & SPONSORSHIP FULFILLMENT COORDINATOR Jocelyn Martinez / 925-218-9153 TECH & PRODUCT EDITOR Todd Ryden CONTRIBUTING WRITERS Albert Drake, Brandon Flannery, Brent Vandervort, Todd Ryden, Ashley Majeski Smissen, Gary Medley, Zane Cullen CONTRIBUTING PHOTOGRAPHERS Rick Amado, Mike Christiansen, Tom Davison, Marc Gewertz, Mike Harrington, CJ Holt, Aaron Levy, Todd Ryden DIRECTOR, DIGITAL MEDIA CJ Holt / 925-218-9144 CUSTOMER & MEMBERSHIP SERVICES Main 925-838-9876 Brenda Stuart, Ashley Landon EVENTS VICE PRESIDENT SALES & SPONSORSHIP Ed Capen / 925-218-9139 VICE PRESIDENT, EVENT OPERATIONS Harry Daviess / 925-218-9124 VENDOR SALES MANAGER Sadie Vail / 925-218-9152 Goodguys Goodtimes Gazette (ISSN 1543 - 2629) is published monthly by Whitewall Publishing, 1071 Serpentine Lane, Pleas- anton, CA 94566-4759. 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The information presented in this maga- zine is from many sources for which the Publisher as to accuracy or completeness can give no warranty or responsibility. Publisher is not responsible for unsolicited material but will be happy to receive stories, photographs, artwork, and cartoons regarding hot rodding. Send to Editor at above address. Postmaster, send address changes to Goodguys Good- times Gazette, P.O. Box 9132, Pleasanton, CA 94566-4759. Re- turn undeliverable Canadian addresses to: P.O. Box 1051, Fort Erie, ON L2A 6C7 Goodguys Goodtimes Gazette Replacement Policy All claims to missing issues must be made within 45 days of the Goodguys Goodtimes Gazette magazine publication date (45 days begins on the 1st day of the month of shipment). To claim a missing issue, please contact the Goodguys Membership Services Department at (925) 838-9876 or e-mail member- You must have been a member/sub- scriber during the month of the desired replacement copy. 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