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Wander the stalls at the Vail Art and Farmers' Market or peruse the dairy aisle at Village Market in Edwards and look for AnnaVail's sage green label. Behind the label, you'll find Ann Kurronen's artisan sheep and cows' milk cheeses. With several varieties of fresh cows' milk cheese and aged sheep's milk options, Kurronen's creations are a gastronomical link to her past, connecting her to her grandparents while satisfying her love of cheese. Making cheese is seasonal, Kurronen explains, with summer finding her working in high gear. It's not common to find sheep's milk cheese like AnnaVail's, as not many ranchers raise sheep for milk and the milking season itself is short, following the natural cycle of lambkins being born and then weaned. Smile and Say "Chse": AaVail Chse 46 Vail Valley Magazine Summer 2018

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