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SILENCER BENEFITS BENEFITS OF SILENCER USE Silencers are the world's best hearing protection from the potentially harmful and painful effects of gunfre noise. Silencers protect the shooter and those nearby from permanent hearing threshold shift that can result from exposure to a single unsilenced gun shot. • A silencer helps a shooter maintain command and control by enabling team members to communicate during live fre exercises or in combat. • By virtually eliminating muzzle fash, silencers prevent "blooming" of night vision equipment and help preserve unaided night vision. • Silencers generally improve accuracy when used on rifes by promoting the harmonic stabilization of the barrel and reducing gas-induced instability as the projectile exits the muzzle. • Silencers enable more accurate and rapid follow-up shots by reducing recoil and muzzle fip. • Silencers allow new shooters to learn more quickly by minimizing recoil and muzzle blast, allowing the instructor's commands to be clearly heard. • For military and law enforcement, when every member of the team goes SCILENT™, the opposition is instantly identifable by their muzzle fash and noise. WWW.ADVANCED-ARMAMENT.COM ADVANCED ARMAMENT CORP. PRODUCT CATALOG 2013 PAGE 9

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